Information of Terminal 1,2,3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with the Flights/Airlines

After the completion of Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang Indonesia (Jakarta), there are some reshuffles of flight airline operating zone in this airport.

Here is the current map of the airport
taken from

And here is the deployment of flight airlines in SHIA as per August 2016. Usually in the ticket, your terminal destination will be printed, however most of the time this information is needed especially when you are using SHIA as transit airport 🙂

Terminal 1 

Terminal 1A : Lion Air (Domestic Flights to  Kalimantan, East Indonesia ,Sulawesi, Papua, Bengkulu, Jambi,Tanjung pinang,Pangkal Pinang),Wings Air.

Terminal 1B : Lion Air (Domestic Flights to Sumatra), Express Air.

Terminal 1C : Batik Air, Citilink, Trigana Air, Kalstar.

Terminal 2 

Terminal 2D : Lion Air (International Flight), Air China, All Nippon Airways,Batavia Air,Cathay Facific,Cebu Facific,China Airlines,China Southren Airways,Emirates,Eva Air,Japan Airlines,Jetstar,Kuwait Ailines,Lufthansa,Malaysia Airlines,Philipine Airlines,Qantas,Qatar Airways,Saudi Arabian Airlines,Singapore Airlines,Thai Airways Internasional,Tiger Airways,Turkish Airlines,Yemenia,Valuair.

Terminal 2E : Air Asia *International Flight), Garuda Indonesia (Internasional Flight),Etihad,KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,Korean Air,Royal Brunei.

Terminal 2F : Air Asia (All Domestic/Indonesian Flights), Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air.

Terminal 3 ULTIMATE 

This terminal is for all Domestic Flights operated by Garuda Indonesia (GA) Airline.


Bandara Silangit – Terbang Jakarta – Silangit Full Booking (Metro Siantar)

Dulu Presiden SBY 2 kali pesawatnya ngerem mendadak sampe guncang di bandara yang diresmikan tahun 2005 ini, wkwk devil emoticon devil emoticon Padahal ud diwanti2 ama Pemda orang sana dan Kemenhub agar lebih baik naik kendaraan dari Medan, tapi dia keras kepala karena mau tahu langsung progress pembangunan Silangit saat itu.

Akhirnya setelah terus dibangun 4 kali upgrade dari yg awalny landasan cuma 700-900 m hingga sekarang di masa Presiden Jokowi, kini pesawat dari Jakarta sudah bisa langsung mendarat dengan panjang landasan 2400 m dengan kondisi bandara yang sudah jauh lebih baik
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Map of Commuter Line Train Journeys of Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi) with distances — Peta Rute Perjalanan KRL Commuter Line Jabodetabek UPDATE 2017 (lengkap dengan jarak antar stasiun)

This is the designated map of Commuter Line Train (KRL Commuter Line) of Jabodetabek Metropolitan Area updated as per April of 2017 (it is using electrified train system)

Berikut ini adalah peta rute perjalanan Kereta Rel Listrik (KRL) Commuter Line Jabodetabek Gapeka 2017 (update April 2017).

Starting from 1st of April 2017, the train journey towards Serpong – Parung Panjang – Maja has now been extended into Rangkasbitung, the capital city of Lebak District, in Banten. All local economy trains from Jakarta to Rangkasbitung have been stopped, changed with Commuter Line Train. Cost is fixed IDR 8000 from Tanah Abang Railway Station in Jakarta to Rangkasbitung.

Mulai 1 April 2017, perjalanan KRL arah Serpong kini diperpanjang sampai Rangkasbitung. KA lokal Rangkas sudah ditiadakan, fully KRL sampe Rangkasbitung 🙂 . Untuk perjalanan KRL dari Stasiun Tanah Abang menuju Rangkasbitung, tarifnya sebesar Rp 8.000.

Another update, from total 154 KRL train trips travelling from Bekasi to Jakarta Kota, there are 8 trips which routes are switched to go through Pasar Senen Railway Station (previously all Bekasi – Jakarta Kota train journeys are passing through Manggarai – Cikini – Gondangdia railway stations).  4 trips from Bekasi to Jakarta Kota, and another 4 trips from Jakarta Kota to Bekasi.
Means that 4 trips from Bekasi will turn right in Jatinegara Railway Station, instead of going straight to Manggarai Railway Station. This will help passengers who wants to go to area near Senen – Kemayoran, etc. All the other remaining trips are still going through Manggarai Railway Station as usual.

Kemudian ada 8 perjalanan KRL Bekasi – Jakarta Kota yang kini akan melalui Stasiun Pasar Senen, tidak lagi melalui Manggarai. Artinya KRL dari Bekasi tsb saat di Jatinegara akan berbelok kanan menuju Gang Sentiong – Senen – Kemayoran – Rajawali, tidak melalui Manggarai. Ingat hanya 8 perjalanan saja, dari total 154 perjalanan KRL Bekasi – Jakarta Kota.
Perjalanan KRL Bekasi yang lain tetap melalui Stasiun Manggarai – Cikini – Gondangdia menuju Stasiun Kota seperti biasa. Ini akan membantu penumpang dari Bekasi yang memang hendak ke tujuan Pasar Senen, Kemayoran, dan skitarnya.

(To zoom the picture or view bigger map, please visit:
untuk gambar ukuran besar atau hendak men-zoom, sila visit ke:

Since 1st of October 2016, PT KCJ (Commuter Line Operation Company) introduced new train fare according to the distance between stations. For the first 25 km, passengers will be charged IDR 3000, and then IDR 1000 for each additional 10km distance. Don’t worry, going with Commuter Train in Jabodetabek is very cheap, you should have more than enough money to cover that (the longest distance which around 120 km shall cost you IDR 14.000 / app. US$ 1.1, extremely cheap isnt it? 🙂 )

Sejak 1 Oktober 2016 kemarin, PT KCJ (Commuter Line) memperkenalkan tarif KRL berdasarkan jarak antar stasiun. 1-25 km pertama tarif adalah Rp 3000 kemudian ditambah 1000 untuk 10 km berikutny.

Remember when doing transaction, you also have to pay deposit IDR 10.000, which you can claim after arriving in your destination railway station.

But it is recommended, due to huge people using Commuter Line train and avoiding queue on the check, use some top-up cards issued by Indonesian Bank like Flazz BCA Bank, E-Money Mandiri Bank, etc. Don’t worry, you can also purchase the card on the station, tell the cashier/counter that you want to buy Multi-Trip Card.

The card (which you will tap in gate-in and gate out of railway stations) shall cost IDR 50.000 consists of administration cost IDR 20.000 + your card account balance IDR 30.000, and later you can add the amount on the station cashiers.


In the future, the KRL train will also extend its way towards the East to reach Cikarang Railway Station, West Java which is the central of many big industrial zones and big factories. Some railway stations between Bekasi and Cikarang like East Bekasi, Tambun, and Cikarang have been going through extensive modernization and renovation to prepare for Commuter Line trips (previously, only local economy trains that stop on these stations from Jakarta).
Soon after the Double-Double Track Railway Project (4 railway lanes from Jakarta to Bekasi) is finished, the Commuter Line trips to Cikarang are expected to see the light of the day.

Ke depan juga KRL akan mencapai Stasiun Cikarang, Jawa Barat. Stasiun2 seperti Bekasi Timur, Tambun, dan Cikarang saat ini sudah hampir kelar proses renovasi agar mendukung perjalanan KRL. Segera setelah proyek Double Double Track (4 rel sejajar) dari Manggarai sampai Bekasi selesai, maka KRL ke Cikarang akan mulai dioperasikan dan jumlah perjalanan KRL ke arah Bekasi akan bertambah.


Views from the Lake – University of Indonesia, Depok

I really have a huge accolade for stunning sceneries all around the campus of University of Indonesia Campus in Depok. It is always a great day to step my feet and brush my eyes with well-designed landscape that cover the university. That is the greatest thing about the university, the spirit for learning and teaching blend nicely with the mother’s nature son.

UI Depok Campus
University of Indonesia map (Depok campus)
Pic source :

In my earlier post, I shared some views of the pedestrian
On this post, the focus is on the beautiful images around the biggest lake in the University of Indonesia. The lake is perhaps the center point of the campus, the trademark of the landscape over here, as from that zone we could see the UI Directorate, Library, the Mosque, and some of the Departments like School of Law, etc. So one who visit this campus, should not miss a chance to at least walk around the lake to enjoy this view.

These are old photos, but luckily the queen of weather smiled so sweetly to me that I really had a good time in capturing the stills even with my very cheap camera – you can see the sunshine spring on this photos 🙂

Please enjoy 🙂

University of Indonesia Library on Cunstruction

University of Indonesia Library on Cunstruction

The Lake inside University of Indonesia, with glittering sunshine reflection upon the water

The Lake inside University of Indonesia, with glittering sunshine reflection upon the water

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Tanah Abang Overture – Jokowi Ahok Effect

Known as the biggest traditional market over South-East Asia, Tanah Abang Market (Indonesian : Pasar Tanah Abang) is also infamous for its horrible environment. I mean it was a challenge for even a normal walkers to step through every sides of Tanah Abang spots in a normal day, due to the hectic neighborhood. And that was including indiscipline traders putting their loads and stances on the street, stubborn public bus drivers waiting for passengers at every point they feel is worth to wait regardless if it will interrupt the traffic on the zone, and perhaps the ignorance of the capital city government that only sporadically went through revitalization program which resulted in one two days of peaceful days and then the heat was on the strike again.

Years by years gone by and it was a status quo. One with motorized vehicle must prepare to have a hard time with the killer traffic in Tanah Abang zone, while others come here to see and buy something might not comfortable (but less-surprised) with the crowded street and pedestrian in this area. The burden proved too high for the Jakarta government in the last decade to even start thinking about a comprehensive solution. Still this Tanah Abang market has one of the biggest money turn-around in the country and the regional.

But during Jokowi-Ahok crowning in the capital city, it was a twist in the tale. Nobody expect it, but Sunday 29th of September 2013 was the day when everybody in this country was shocked in a positive way to see how Jokowi’s silver tongue and Ahok energetic style finally made way to a ‘new Tanah Abang’. All the sellers and their goods were relocated to a more suitable and human places, instead of the roads, pedestrian, and everything. Yes of course, prior to the day they have made a lot of approaching to the sellers, the people reside around the market, ‘senior’ people in and around the market, and the respective government sides. It is such a brilliant diplomatic resolution thanks to the capital government, Jokowi-Ahok.

Well, actually I won’t go further on the policies and the people involved in the story as I was not equipped with a lot of information from credible points of sources. Here I prefer to explicitly show you pictures I took of how Tanah Abang overtures are resulting in a positive way although of course far from perfect. Take some time to see here 🙂
(open pic in the new tab to see bigger version)

1. Road from West Jakarta
The road leads to Tanah Abang from Slipi / West Jakarta. Previously it was full of trade-sellers who don’t care with traffic and others thing, but now just look how human the road is now 🙂

The main road from Slipi area / West Jakarta, now it is 'beatable' :)
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BSD City in Pictures

BSD City (formerly known as Bumi Serpong Damai) is a satellite city located in the South-West side of Jakarta. As the Indonesian Capital was on a verge to manage the overpopulated city in the nineties, government plans were on the way to ‘distribute’ the residential area outside of Jakarta. Thus, it fed the mega property investor opportunities to land in prestigious projects like satellites cities, real estates, etc; that are located outside of Jakarta

As I do not want to stream the history (and I’m not a property business wizard), here I just want to present some interesting information and pictures about one of the finest and most successful satellite city in Indonesia. Here we go :

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, the main street of BSD City

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My Diary – Short Train Journey from Maja – Rangkasbitung

I caught an economy train (kind of sleeper class in India train) for my departure from Maja to Rangkasbitung in Banten Province, Indonesia. The trip covered something like 30-km-distance (mostly flat with little hills one or two) and took about 40 minutes long. It was actually a sleeper train overall but as the economy ticket holder, I can only stand with other passengers in the corridor. Luckily, I can stand by the door facing the views in the flesh..

A view from Maja Railway Station

A view from Maja Railway Station

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