My Top 10 : Most Underrated Rock Vocalist

1. Steve Marriot
Who else? Just like Terry Kath in my guitarist list, there’s only one person comes to my mind when talking about underrated rock vocalist. Every time he sings with his raunchy and impressively strong, it likes hearing his heart sings out instead of his mouth.
Best cuts : All or Nothing, 30 Days in a Hole

2. Eric Martin
When mentioning Mr. Big, it is always about Paul Gilbert (guitar) and Billy Sheehan (bass). Both are highly recognized by their peers and fans for their proficiency at their respective instruments.. Yet many people forget that Mr. Big are band that play songs, not instrumental. And there is Eric Martin, with the peculiar and raw rock voice inspired by Marriot, Rod Stewart. As with most of singers on this list, this guy can sing hard rock and slow ballad both as great. Compare aggressive “Addicted to that Rush” and romantic lullaby of “Promise Her The Moon”.
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My Top 10 : My Favorite Bon Jovi Songs

I love Bon Jovi when they ROCK!! That may give you insight about how my list below will look like.
Iam a fan of Bon Jovi especially during their hard rock years 80’s – mid 90’s when they rocked the world very hard, and of course Jon still possessed that high-pitched voice which sadly he lost during the 90’s.

Not that I am bashing their current musical style endeavors since “It’s My Life”, but these exploration – which is admirable for a band not just rely on old style – just not on my book. However some great songs are there, and a few I put onto this list.

And I am also not very fond with Bon Jovi ballads, those love songs that I think kind of alienated their old fans since “Runaway era”. To some extend I agree that those ballads are responsible for eradicating ‘hard rock’ from current Bon Jovi’s house. However there are so many my fellow Indonesians and other Asian countries that love those ballads. I noticed that so many disappointed after their Jakarta concert because the band did not play “Always”, “Bed of Roses”, “I’ll be There . I mean that Jakarta concert could be still successful if Bon Jovi’s set contain all ballads with only Prayer, Love a Bad Name, and It’s My Life as uptempo songs lol πŸ˜€

Still many consider this band as one of the biggest band today, selling arenas and stadiums all over the world. I remember when Bon Jovi cut his iconic glam metal long hair in early nineties, the CNN put that as their headline news lol :D. So nevermind their adventurous musical styles, I put out this list. Enjoy :)_

1. I’ll Sleep When I’m Death (Keep the Faith 1992)

I always think this song epitomizes all about Jon Bon Jovi’s life…an incredible hard-working person, perfectionist (which unfortunately Alex John Such and Ritchie Sambora couldn’t follow it any longer – as Jon admitted himself that no one must follow his work ethic 😦 ). It is a fun, feel-happy song, that you can shake your body through the song. Continue reading

My Top 10 : My Greatest Movie Moments

When watching movies, there are always moments that really appeal to our hearts, ones that remain after we finished watching movie and hard to forget. Most of these moments I watched during my childhood with pure emotion, which is why I really took them fully as a growing kid. I take aside comedy scenes and action scenes as I put them into dedicated lists on my blog

Hope you enjoy my list πŸ™‚

1. The train’s action scene and passengers saving Spiderman body (Spiderman 2)
The high-speed-train action scene is regarded as the trademark of Spiderman 2(you know that memorable Spiderman’s torned shirt when he tried to hold the train, don’t you?). However, what touched me deeply is the succeeded scene. After Spiderman successfully stopped the train at the edge of the broken railway, he passed out and almost falling. But the passengers suddenly catch him, take him into the train, lift and bring him up to the inside with their show of hands. Following are some momentary impressed and sympathetic words from those passengers, especially after Spiderman real face is revealed after his broken mask. That includes their promise not to broke his real face to other people. And when the villain Octavius enter the train to capture Spiderman, with no hesitation all the passengers one by one step forward to deter his way. Of course Octavious gets the hero with his unmatched power, but the responses demonstrated by the passengers are reflecting their true feelings to the hero who has just saved their lives.

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My Top 10 : The best fighting scene

I have big fond on action movies in which fighting scenes are affirmative properties which at many times become the most featured and remembered from the movies. So it is normal to have my own list of my favorite fighting scenes.
My criteria are of course it should involve the main actors (not fighting between extras :D), one vs one, intensities, ‘variation’, , and of course close association with the storyline

Unfortunately, not all from my lists belong on You Tube videos so you’d better watch the movies for those who aren’t listed with YT video here.

1. Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

The only person who can beat Chuck Norris to death lol. It could be turned into “kung-fu vs karate” scene but it was more than that. Only within the last 1 minute or so that we were convinced Bruce will win. Other than that, it looks really even with young Chuck Norris show his karate skills so smoothly made Bruce looked jaded at first. Set in the great Coliseum Rome – which add colossal vibe into it. The fact that no dialogue between the two warriors and cat’s ‘scream’ that started the fight makes it more memorable.
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My Top 10 : The Strangest / Weirdest Song Title

Some musicians were having fun when playing their music, doing their live performance, interacting with their fans, doing make-up or weird acts on camera.
But putting a catchy, super funny, weird, or whatever song titles that made people smile or laughing is surely entertaining. Just look at these song titles, here are that made me laughing my ass out!! πŸ™‚

1. PINK FLOYD Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

Do you think it is a fairy tale for kids, news reporter reading something, or a quote from biology book? Haa, it is a Pink Floyd song, the famous progressive English band in the 70’s and 80’s. Taken from Ummagumma album, The music is also as weird as the title, it mix sounds of household items, kitchen tools, wooden things, metal, etc. Haha, would you try to give it a listen?

2. FRANK ZAPPA My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama
Frank Zappa is a famous guitarist in the late 60’s-70’s. Although I rarely hear his guitar playing, but his song title awkwardly caught my attention. A really amusing go to your so-smart girlfriend’s mother πŸ™‚

3.JOHNY CASH I’ve Been Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart
Dirty and funny, wonder how Johny Cash imagine this kind of song title, maybe he got it when he was taking a bath or pissing, lol πŸ™‚
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My Top 10 : My Favorite Slow Rock Songs

The scenes of 70’s until early 90’s were enormously fruitful period for rock music heroes, with so many rock albums and songs become the king of charts. One pattern that is easily recognized, most rock bands always manage to include slower but still on the verge of hard rock songs – popularly known as ‘slow rock’

In my country Indonesia, slow rock songs are incredibly popular, perhaps due to Malay culture that naturally engaged a lot with slow music and melodic notes. One example, people here fashionably know “More Than Words” song with its sweet and gently acoustic guitar melodies but they mostly don’t know that Extreme is actually a funk-metal band anyway with 95% of their catalogues are hard rock, funk-metal.

Here I would like my favorite slow rock songs ever:

1. POISON Every Rose Has Its Thorn

From all those songs in the list, I will say this is the best. the most beautiful, from the lyric, the verse and the chorus, and the lyric Bret Michaels masculine, American, and deep tenor voice suit this sentimental song with its reflective lyric about human especially women πŸ™‚

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My Top 10 : My Favorite Websites

There is no day without Internet, I can assure you of that πŸ™‚ . Here I would like to share what websites I really frequently visit and doing activities inside when my computer’s is connected to the Internet.

At this stake, I omit certain website categories like mail system, search engine, online tools, online applications, social media, online data store, downloads. I make it clear that my interest lays on the content and engagement/interactive features of the website, not the function or how often I visit the web (I mean, I visit and use Google search everyday and even multiple times daily but it doesn’t sensibly go as far as saying that is my favorite website lol πŸ˜€ ).

In other words, these websites I list below are content-oriented websites which I am more concern with the content and the activity I could engage and communicate with when visiting the websites.

As things stand, these are my favorite websites. As my mood is like roller coaster, I won’t be shy to change it another day. πŸ™‚
Please enjoy…would be nice if you could share me yours too πŸ™‚
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My Top 10 : Songs That Always Make Me Happy

Music has something magic. It can burst the bubble in our head, it can bring us somewhere out there we don’t know before. But even if we don’t have time, we can hear to the musics we love while walking down the street, opening our day in the morning sun, go with our coffee and cake days, pushing us while we are working, and everything. One thing for sure, music makes us happy.

These are the songs that always make me happy every time I hear or sing them. It isn’t necessary says that only these 10 songs that I have. A lot more songs, but at least I want to make the Top 10 so never mind. In the other day, my list might be different.
Check it out

1. R.E.M. Near Wild Heaven
I really fancy the jingle style of Bucks’s guitar ‘riff’, every time i hear the guitar intro I just wanna dance. When I’m down, I go to my netbook and open this video to raise my smile again. No I never get bored listening.

2. TAKE THAT Shine
Unusual chord progression for a pop band like That That, but that uniqueness that create a wonderful vibe when listening to the song. And the cheerie Mark voice really lift this song up for joy.

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My Top 10 : My Favorite Chuck Norris Jokes

Years of 80’s are the palace for many premier strong-tough guys in movies like Arnold S, Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, David Bradley, Sylvester Stallone, Bolo Yeung, Jackie Chan, Michael Dudikoff, etc.

Among all, it was Chuck Norris who ‘is believed’ as the almighty. Either intentional or not, all of his movies somehow presented Chuck Norris as the ‘God’, unbeatable, very strong, never got hurted, never run out of bullets, optimistic and never desperate (compared this to Rambo), never lost a battle (except when against Bruce Lee, but it was long way back in 1973 “Way of the Dragon” and he was still very young) which leads to a popular myth about his eternity.

Eventually, a thing called “Chuck Norris Jokes” becomes an Internet phenomenon, all the jokes each consist of single sentence that depict Chuck Norris as the most bad ass human ever grace this planet earth. Things like “he never cries“, “he can count to infinity“, “paying taxes by just sending a blank form with his photo on it“, bitten by a cobra, the cobra died“, “can make fire by rubbing two ice cubes“. The amount of the jokes are so massive, that even Chuck Norris chuckles and remarkably made responds to it several times (one You Tube video I provided below where he responds to them).

So, these are 10 of Chuck Norris jokes I really like. Can’t stop laughing when reading those laughable and at-many-times supreme-exaggerating myths.


1. When Chuck Norris does push-up, he is actually pushing the earth down

2. Chuck Norris’s tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries

3. Jesus can walk on water. But Chuck Norris can swim on land

4. Dinosaurs actually aren’t extincted yet. They are just hiding from Chuck Norris πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
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My TOP 10 : My Favorite Music Video

Are you a TV or MTV freak? You might have watched hundreds or thousands of music videos in your entire time watching TV. And then comes You Tube that made millions of music videos available and accessible any time you want it…

Here is my Top 10 Music Videos. The list are based on the creativity, the music, timing, and of course the congeniality between the song and the video. Actually I really fancy of story telling concept based video. A pleasure if you could share me yours too πŸ™‚
(not in order, randomly listed)

1. MICHAEL JACKSON Black and White
A very impressive and aggressive song, but the video conveyed the message perfectly. The comedy, mix of some cultural displays, and of course the inevitably stunning choreography from MJ and the team, all blended perfectly into a very enjoyable video music I’ve ever seen in my life.

2. TRAVIS Sing
Young fragile boys enter the room full of nobles and honoured guests for a family dinner in the dining room. Started calmly, they were shocking to see some unfamiliar foods and tableware…and the manner to eat those food. Eventually, after some accidents,Β the dinner began to disrupt. So here we go, an intense and hilarious food war between people in the dinner using foods and creams.

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