Practice Class Test Chapter 6

Practice for Chapter 6 Class Test – 14 Questions

  1. Technology that allows Internet to carry voice data when making phone calls   a. POS b. VOIP c. CGI d. MIDI e. GIS

2. IT is used to help in creating map, representing soil / land / sea / earth surface / climate. What is the name of the technology?                                                                                               a. POS         b. VOIP          c. CGI             d. MIDI               e. GIS

3. IT technology that is used in supermarket / department store to help payment called:           a. POS       b. VOIP           c. CGI            d. MIDI              e. GIS

4. IT technology can be used in banking for payroll, so after computer calculate a worker’s salary, it will automatically transfer the funds to his / her bank account. What is the name of the technology?
Automated Teller Machine
b. Debit cards
c. Electronic Funds Transfer
d. Secure Transfer
e. Telephone Banking Transfer

5. There are four parts of a medical expert system, except:
a. Knowledge base
b. Inference Engine
c. Calculating system
d. Human-Computer Interface
e. Rule Base

6.These are samples of Expert System, except
Diagnostic System to help doctor get all required knowledge about patient’s health
b. Mineral prospecting can help miners to predict how many an area contain particular mineral materials
Car engine fault diagnosis can help find problems on a car during service
d. Travel applications used by travel agents to book air/sea tickets
e. Chess computers, in which human can play against computer

7. When you are visiting websites, they usually write a small file into your computer’s hard drive, with or without your knowledge. This could impact future’s browsing activities, like computer will know your preferences when visiting that web, help navigations, automatically filled column or forms after 1st time use like username, etc. What is the name of the file?
a. Cookies
b. Log files
c. GIS
d. Key-logging
e. Virus

8. A book in library will always have an identification number consist of 13 digits, so computer can identify the book uniquely and track if the book is available or being borrowed. What is the term for that number?
a. Cookies
b. Key-logging
c. Book ID
d. SMS

9. Technology which is used in film industry to create sophisticated or imaginary images:      a. ISBN             b. CGI              c. POS                d. MIDI              e. VOIP

10. The technology which is used to connect computers and electronic musical instruments is called
ISBN         b. CGI            c. POS             d. MIDI             e. GIS

11. Google product that you can use to create simple web page is:
a. Google Drive     b. Gmail c. Google Store      d. Google Site    e. Classroom

12. What is difference between flyer and poster?

a. Flyer contains more text than poster
b. Poster contains more text than flyer
c. Flyer contains more images than poster
d. Poster contains more images than flyer
e. Flyer’s size is bigger than poster

13. Usually schools, universities, organizations regularly (weekly / monthly) created …… to deliver information and news / photos to students, parents, or members.                 a.  Flyer               b. Poster   c. Newsletter                d. SMS            e. Survey

14. What option below is wrong about analogue and digital data?
a. Binary data is based on binary numbers (0 and 1)
b. Analogue data usually associated with audio or video signals that can vary continuously
c. All natural signals like human voice, animal sounds, notes from music instruments are analogue
d. Computer can only process analogue data
e. Notes from music computer, voices from human are animals must be converted first, so computer can process them after conversion