Medan and Around : Hamparan Perak

Hamparan Perak is an old little town in the North-West of Medan City, capital of North Sumatra Province. The history goes back to the old Melayu Deli Sultanese and Langkat Sultanese era
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To the East, it is side by side with Medan Marelan sub-district, Medan city.
To the South, it shares boundaries with Sunggal sub-district, Deli Serdang District, which road also leads to Medan in Kampung Lalang / Pinang Baris Bus Station.
To the West, there is a road connects to old plantation Tandem that leads to Sumatra National HIghway connecting Binjai/Medan to Stabat – Aceh.

These are the photos of Hamparan Perak, and the road that connects Hamparan Perak to Medan City in Marelan

Hamparan Perak old town 1

Hamparan Perak old town 2

The market

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