Short Journey crossing South Toba Lake

During our family trip to Muara, North Sumatra (Toba Lake) for visiting our familiy’s marriage traditional party, we must reach the village by sailing through Toba Lake for about 15 minutes by a local ship. There was a pathway actually from the upside church but it is too sheer so the possible way to most people is crossing the lake

I captured some stills from this short trip, the wind is quite nice although locals said it was strong. Yeaa, I see quite unnatural wave (for lake standard) smashing the beachline but fortunately our ship can cross safely

Here they are


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Denominasi Rupiah? Supaya jangan lagi ada kalimat “US$ 1 = Rp 10.000”

Rasanya sudah lebih dari sepuluh kali aku menjelaskan 1 Rupee = 200 rupiah. Dan reaksi yang selalu aku dapatkan dari rekan-rekan di India sono “Wow!! How cheap rupiah is. I can go to Indonesia to buy everything with my Rupees“. Dan berulang kali pula kujelaskan dengan agak (sedikit) kesal bahwa meskipun persamaan nominalnya demikian, level harga riil di pasaranantara India dan Indonesiatidak berbeda sama sekali, bahkan nyaris sama...sehingga persamaan nominal di atas hanya berlaku dipasar devisa.

….Beberapa tahun terakhir isu yang cukup banyak dibicarakan selain Energi dan Keamanan adalah Denominasi Rupiah. Saat ini menurut Bank Indonesia proses sosialisasi telah dimulai, dan memang akan memakan waktu yang cukup panjang agar benar-benar terealisasi (bila memang jadi).Banyak opini bermunculan, banyak komentar dan analisisbaik dari pelakusaham, pialang, orang2 keuangan, pejabat publik, dan masyarakat awam mengenairencana Bank Indonesia ini. Wajar saja, karena mengetahui Rp 10.000 akan’dikecilkan’ jadi Rp 10…tentu semua menjadi keblinger dan takut.

Ternyata setelah mempelajari usulan tersebut, barulah konsepnya mulai dapat dipahami.  Bahwa denominasi berarti pengecilan nominal nilai mata uang tanpa mengurangi sedikitpun nilai riil-nya. Dengan kata lain level nominal angka mata uang rupiah akan di-degradasikan 3 tingkat (3 angka 0 ). Dan prosesnya juga bukan sekejap mata, melainkan akan melalui sosialisasi 1 tahun, dan 9 tahun berikutnya proses penyeragaman, perubahan cetakan mata uang, perubahan label harga, yang akan diakhiri penarikan semua uang dengan pengangkaan nominal yang lama.

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My Top 10 : Songs That Always Make Me Happy

Music has something magic. It can burst the bubble in our head, it can bring us somewhere out there we don’t know before. But even if we don’t have time, we can hear to the musics we love while walking down the street, opening our day in the morning sun, go with our coffee and cake days, pushing us while we are working, and everything. One thing for sure, music makes us happy.

These are the songs that always make me happy every time I hear or sing them. It isn’t necessary says that only these 10 songs that I have. A lot more songs, but at least I want to make the Top 10 so never mind. In the other day, my list might be different.
Check it out

1. R.E.M. Near Wild Heaven
I really fancy the jingle style of Bucks’s guitar ‘riff’, every time i hear the guitar intro I just wanna dance. When I’m down, I go to my netbook and open this video to raise my smile again. No I never get bored listening.

2. TAKE THAT Shine
Unusual chord progression for a pop band like That That, but that uniqueness that create a wonderful vibe when listening to the song. And the cheerie Mark voice really lift this song up for joy.

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My Top 10 : My Favorite Chuck Norris Jokes

Years of 80’s are the palace for many premier strong-tough guys in movies like Arnold S, Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, David Bradley, Sylvester Stallone, Bolo Yeung, Jackie Chan, Michael Dudikoff, etc.

Among all, it was Chuck Norris who ‘is believed’ as the almighty. Either intentional or not, all of his movies somehow presented Chuck Norris as the ‘God’, unbeatable, very strong, never got hurted, never run out of bullets, optimistic and never desperate (compared this to Rambo), never lost a battle (except when against Bruce Lee, but it was long way back in 1973 “Way of the Dragon” and he was still very young) which leads to a popular myth about his eternity.

Eventually, a thing called “Chuck Norris Jokes” becomes an Internet phenomenon, all the jokes each consist of single sentence that depict Chuck Norris as the most bad ass human ever grace this planet earth. Things like “he never cries“, “he can count to infinity“, “paying taxes by just sending a blank form with his photo on it“, bitten by a cobra, the cobra died“, “can make fire by rubbing two ice cubes“. The amount of the jokes are so massive, that even Chuck Norris chuckles and remarkably made responds to it several times (one You Tube video I provided below where he responds to them).

So, these are 10 of Chuck Norris jokes I really like. Can’t stop laughing when reading those laughable and at-many-times supreme-exaggerating myths.


1. When Chuck Norris does push-up, he is actually pushing the earth down

2. Chuck Norris’s tears can cure cancer. Too bad he never cries

3. Jesus can walk on water. But Chuck Norris can swim on land

4. Dinosaurs actually aren’t extincted yet. They are just hiding from Chuck Norris πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
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My TOP 10 : My Favorite Music Video

Are you a TV or MTV freak? You might have watched hundreds or thousands of music videos in your entire time watching TV. And then comes You Tube that made millions of music videos available and accessible any time you want it…

Here is my Top 10 Music Videos. The list are based on the creativity, the music, timing, and of course the congeniality between the song and the video. Actually I really fancy of story telling concept based video. A pleasure if you could share me yours too πŸ™‚
(not in order, randomly listed)

1. MICHAEL JACKSON Black and White
A very impressive and aggressive song, but the video conveyed the message perfectly. The comedy, mix of some cultural displays, and of course the inevitably stunning choreography from MJ and the team, all blended perfectly into a very enjoyable video music I’ve ever seen in my life.

2. TRAVIS Sing
Young fragile boys enter the room full of nobles and honoured guests for a family dinner in the dining room. Started calmly, they were shocking to see some unfamiliar foods and tableware…and the manner to eat those food. Eventually, after some accidents,Β the dinner began to disrupt. So here we go, an intense and hilarious food war between people in the dinner using foods and creams.

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Around the old city of Hyderabad

In the year of 2010 I with my friend, Adam, a Polish, went travelling in and around of old Hyderabad city. We went there around 4 PM, checking the Charminar tower, the market, and of course enjoying the biriyani. A stark contrast to the modern life in new Hyderabad in the North, there are many signs of old traditional Indian lives everywhere. Majority of the population over there are Islam so those religious tradition and decoration are also there to be counted.
I love the city and wanna be back there again.
Here is some pictures for good measures

(you can copy these pictures except for commercial or political purpose, just leave a comment below – NO NEED to wait for my reply, just comment and then copy the pic)


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