Cristiano Ronaldo is Hot

Is there any argument on this? Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid and Portuguese star has been magnificent this year, 2013… His remarkable performances just never cease to amaze every football fans.. surely this his his year.

And that Sepp Blatter ranting about him just make him more inspired and fired goals after goals after goals. The last is the hattrick when Portugal finished Sweden aspiration for participating in World Cup 2014 in Brazil (as well as ended Ibrahimovich journey in World Cup, as many pundits and media compare him with CR7). Mind you, the World Cup play-off perhaps is the biggest Portugal match in the last 1,5 years…yet it is just another fine day for Cristiano Ronaldo, scored a hattrick in such an important match for the entire Portugal citizens and around the world.

So for Baloon D’ Or, sorry Messi, it is Cristiano Ronaldo time for me.
Poor Messi, hope he’s recovering well. I will watch their diggings again in 2014, especially in World Cup 2014

Tanah Abang Overture – Jokowi Ahok Effect

Known as the biggest traditional market over South-East Asia, Tanah Abang Market (Indonesian : Pasar Tanah Abang) is also infamous for its horrible environment. I mean it was a challenge for even a normal walkers to step through every sides of Tanah Abang spots in a normal day, due to the hectic neighborhood. And that was including indiscipline traders putting their loads and stances on the street, stubborn public bus drivers waiting for passengers at every point they feel is worth to wait regardless if it will interrupt the traffic on the zone, and perhaps the ignorance of the capital city government that only sporadically went through revitalization program which resulted in one two days of peaceful days and then the heat was on the strike again.

Years by years gone by and it was a status quo. One with motorized vehicle must prepare to have a hard time with the killer traffic in Tanah Abang zone, while others come here to see and buy something might not comfortable (but less-surprised) with the crowded street and pedestrian in this area. The burden proved too high for the Jakarta government in the last decade to even start thinking about a comprehensive solution. Still this Tanah Abang market has one of the biggest money turn-around in the country and the regional.

But during Jokowi-Ahok crowning in the capital city, it was a twist in the tale. Nobody expect it, but Sunday 29th of September 2013 was the day when everybody in this country was shocked in a positive way to see how Jokowi’s silver tongue and Ahok energetic style finally made way to a ‘new Tanah Abang’. All the sellers and their goods were relocated to a more suitable and human places, instead of the roads, pedestrian, and everything. Yes of course, prior to the day they have made a lot of approaching to the sellers, the people reside around the market, ‘senior’ people in and around the market, and the respective government sides. It is such a brilliant diplomatic resolution thanks to the capital government, Jokowi-Ahok.

Well, actually I won’t go further on the policies and the people involved in the story as I was not equipped with a lot of information from credible points of sources. Here I prefer to explicitly show you pictures I took of how Tanah Abang overtures are resulting in a positive way although of course far from perfect. Take some time to see here 🙂
(open pic in the new tab to see bigger version)

1. Road from West Jakarta
The road leads to Tanah Abang from Slipi / West Jakarta. Previously it was full of trade-sellers who don’t care with traffic and others thing, but now just look how human the road is now 🙂

The main road from Slipi area / West Jakarta, now it is 'beatable' :)
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BSD City in Pictures

BSD City (formerly known as Bumi Serpong Damai) is a satellite city located in the South-West side of Jakarta. As the Indonesian Capital was on a verge to manage the overpopulated city in the nineties, government plans were on the way to ‘distribute’ the residential area outside of Jakarta. Thus, it fed the mega property investor opportunities to land in prestigious projects like satellites cities, real estates, etc; that are located outside of Jakarta

As I do not want to stream the history (and I’m not a property business wizard), here I just want to present some interesting information and pictures about one of the finest and most successful satellite city in Indonesia. Here we go :

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, the main street of BSD City

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Stasiun Kampung Bandan

Stasiun Kampung Bandan merupakan stasiun kereta api bagian dari jaringan rel KA dalam kota Jakarta. Lokasinya tepat di antara Stasiun Kota / Mangga Dua dan Ancol.

Yang unik dari stasiun ini adalah namanya sering terdengar di media, namun amat sulit dilihat secara langsung dari pinggir jalan karena lokasinya yang menjorok ke dalam pemukiman. Bahkan jalan masuk dari arah Mangga Dua lebih mirip dibilang gang kecil masuk ke pemukiman padat dan kumuh daripada jalan masuk ke stasiun.

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Steven Taylor Funny tweet that perhaps is to wind up Sunderland fans

It is very glad and funny to see Steven Taylor, a real Geordie, Newcastle United Player make a go at Sunderland fans.

He tweeted ” They have more songs about me than they have points” refer to the Sunderland position currently in the English Premier League 2013/2014, in which they still have 4 points from total 10 games fo far 🙂
And yes, he is spot on!

Steven Taylor Funny Tweet :)

Steven Taylor Funny Tweet 🙂

EPL 2013 / 2014 : Any team

I spotted an intelligent but entertaining stat in Daily Mail Website today. It shows a rich-facts circle statistic which reveals how each team has beaten and has been beaten in yet just 10-games English Premier League Season 2013/2014. Provided in an interesting circular graph, it speaks my language of how I really admire this Football League above all other competitions in this world.

Interesting circular stat, show how each team involved in EPL this season has beaten and has been beaten by any team

Interesting circular stat, show how each team involved in EPL this season has beaten and has been beaten by any team

To my excited-stance, the current table position also show how ‘crazy’ the league is. Both Man. United and Man. City, the Top-2 last season are currently set off out of the Top 4, and the point-gap between the 2nd and the 10th just extend to 6 points. However nothing is perfect, from 10 games football fans could also easily predict 3 teams who will lost the boat at the end of this season