Practice for Chapter 6 Class Test – 14 Questions

Practice for Chapter 6 Class Test – 14 Questions

  1. Technology that allows Internet to carry voice data when making phone calls   a. POS b. VOIP c. CGI d. MIDI e. GIS

2. IT is used to help in creating map, representing soil / land / sea / earth surface / climate. What is the name of the technology?                                                                                               a. POS         b. VOIP          c. CGI             d. MIDI               e. GIS

3. IT technology that is used in supermarket / department store to help payment called:           a. POS       b. VOIP           c. CGI            d. MIDI              e. GIS

4. IT technology can be used in banking for payroll, so after computer calculate a worker’s salary, it will automatically transfer the funds to his / her bank account. What is the name of the technology?
a. Automated Teller Machine
b. Debit cards
c. Electronic Funds Transfer
d. Secure Transfer
e. Telephone Banking Transfer

5. There are four parts of a medical expert system, except:
a. Knowledge base
b. Inference Engine
c. Calculating system
d. Human-Computer Interface
e. Rule Base

6.These are samples of Expert System, except
a. Diagnostic System to help doctor get all required knowledge about patient’s health
b. Mineral prospecting can help miners to predict how many an area contain particular mineral materials
c. Car engine fault diagnosis can help find problems on a car during service
d. Travel applications used by travel agents to book air/sea tickets
e. Chess computers, in which human can play against computer

7. When you are visiting websites, they usually write a small file into your computer’s hard drive, with or without your knowledge. This could impact future’s browsing activities, like computer will know your preferences when visiting that web, help navigations, automatically filled column or forms after 1st time use like username, etc. What is the name of the file?
a. Cookies
b. Log files
c. GIS
d. Key-logging
e. Virus

8. A book in library will always have an identification number consist of 13 digits, so computer can identify the book uniquely and track if the book is available or being borrowed. What is the term for that number?
a. Cookies
b. Key-logging
c. Book ID
d. SMS

9. Technology which is used in film industry to create sophisticated or imaginary images:      a. ISBN             b. CGI              c. POS                d. MIDI              e. VOIP

10. The technology which is used to connect computers and electronic musical instruments is called
a. ISBN         b. CGI            c. POS             d. MIDI             e. GIS

11. Google product that you can use to create simple web page is:
a. Google Drive     b. Gmail c. Google Store      d. Google Site    e. Classroom

12. What is difference between flyer and poster?

a. Flyer contains more text than poster
b. Poster contains more text than flyer
c. Flyer contains more images than poster
d. Poster contains more images than flyer
e. Flyer’s size is bigger than poster

13. Usually schools, universities, organizations regularly (weekly / monthly) created …… to deliver information and news / photos to students, parents, or members.                 a.  Flyer               b. Poster   c. Newsletter                d. SMS            e. Survey

14. What option below is wrong about analogue and digital data?
a. Binary data is based on binary numbers (0 and 1)
b. Analogue data usually associated with audio or video signals that can vary continuously
c. All natural signals like human voice, animal sounds, notes from music instruments are analogue
d. Computer can only process analogue data
e. Notes from music computer, voices from human are animals must be converted first, so computer can process them after conversion


Goodbye Roger Moore (1938 – 2017)

Although the best James Bond actor is always Sean Connery, but me and my late father were first got crushed and accustomed to Roger Moore’s 007 movies, started from Live and Let Die to A View to A Kill.

The humorous and relaxing agent, as 007 he looked like he won’t kill anyone despite having a license to kill (compared to Daniel Craig’s ruthless and cold-blooded actions 😀 ).

His James Bond movies always full of comedy and comical scenes, perfect British accent lines, simple storylines that is easy to follow, clever gadgets, and never take it seriously even when facing his death threats by enemies, which made most of them timeless and entertaining. Despite many critiques and 007 fans blasted his Bond movies as clowns in circus. RIP Roger Moore 😥

My favorite 007 movie is with Roger Moore, “The Spy Who Loved Me” ❤

Memilih Sudut Pandang (PoV) dalam Novel

Sekilas info mengenai point of view dalam menulis karya sastra..

Ketika menulis fiksi, baik itu cerpen atau novel, kita harus pintar-pintar memilih PoV/Point of View/ Sudut Pandang. Dari sudut pandang siapa cerita itu dituturkan? Ketika kita memilih sudut pandang orang pertama misalnya, ada hal-hal yang tidak seharusnya dia ketahui.

Di tahun pertama saya menjadi editor, saya pernah melakukan hal yang fatal dengan meloloskan “bocor”-nya PoV. Naskah ini ditulis dengan sudut pandang orang pertama. Dan ini berarti, hal-hal lain yang tidak dia alami, tidak dia saksikan, tidak dia dengar, seharusnya tidak masuk ke dalam cerita. Fiksi, sefiktif apa pun, haruslah masuk akal. Bagaimana bisa seseorang yang tidak berada di lokasi kejadian, bisa menceritakan sesuatu yang tidak diketahuinya? Apakah dia cenayang?

Nah, saya belajar dari kesalahan dan semoga tidak akan pernah mengulangi kesalahan yang sama. Semoga teman-teman pun, membaca ini, tidak akan melakukan kesalahan serupa.

Paling tidak, ada tiga jenis PoV yang digunakan dalam menulis fiksi, yaitu PoV orang pertama (penutur: aku…

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Gerbang Tol Paluh Kemiri (Maret 2017) – Progress Jalan Tol Medan Tebing Tinggi

Lokasi : Simpang Jalinsum RS. Grand MEdistra, Junction Kuala Namu

Posisi Gerbang Tol ini persis sama seperti GT Cimahi di Tol Padaleunyi, dimana posisiny akses ke Junction Pasteur di Bandung sebelah Barat, bukan main toll road ny Padaleunyi

GT ini informasi awalnya tidak begitu jelas. Di render2 awal tidak terlihat kalo aksesny menuju Jalinsum dan lebih ke arah Jl. A. Yani (arah Polres Deli Serdang) di daerah Desa Paluh Kemiri, tapi sesuai dugaanku gerbang tol ny akhirnya masuk dari Jalinsum. Karena dari Kota Lubuk Pakam dan pusat pemerintahan Pemda akan jauh banget memutar menuju GT Lubuk Pakam bila hendak ke Medan. Sementara kalo mesti dari GT Tanjung MOrawa, maka tujuan mengurangi kepadatan Jalinsum terutama simpang Kayu Besar tidak akan tercapai.

Peta lokasi Interchange/GT Paluh Kemiri

Arah masuk Jalan Akses GT Paluh Kemiri

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Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame : Who Inducted Who? (List Recap of all RRHoF Inductees and who present/induct them on the ceremony)

Well you can easily get the list of inducteed artists/musicians in the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame along the years since its first inception back in 1986.

BUT don’t you wanna know who inducted and introduced them in the annual RnRHOF ceremony?
It is interesting, typically the young musician who are inspired by the inducted artist comes to the stage to pay tribute and welcome his/her/their hero into the Hall.

And to see how they introduce, praise, screams w
However it is not uncommon to have close friends of the inductee, or even ‘senior’ to induct them on the stage.

    Note :

Most of the names here (first ones) for each year fall into PERFORMER CATEGORY. Besides, we have non-performer category(producer, labels, manager, etc) – now it’s called Ahmed Ertegun Award, and early influences category (musician came from the very early as 1920-30′-40’s which predate rock’n roll) 


CHUCK BERRY : Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)
BUDDY HOLLY : John Fogerty (CCR)
JERRY LEE LEWIS : Hank Williams Jr
ELVIS PRESLEY : Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon (sons of late John Lennon who is a very big fan of Elvis)
ROBERT JOHNSON (early influences category)

SAM PHILLIPS (non performers category)
ALAN FREED Scott Muney and Norm Nite (non performers category)
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