Goodbye Deli Plaza Medan

A huge property project that is Podomoro City will step on Medan city at Friday 7th 2014 inauguration.

However, a slice of tear comes down from my eye because this project will vanish Deli Plaza building, one of the oldest shopping center in Medan. I have many cheerish memories in this place, including having dinner with my late father and family in the 3rd floor on a restaurant

Will be a breaking heart to watch the iconic 4-storeys building have to be destroyed but the location is actually very strategic in the heart of the city, so talking about a big city like Medan it should be filled with superb high-prestigious project with high-rise buildings

Deli Plaza semasa masih beroperasi, warna coklatnya sangat ikonik

Podomoro City Medan Project that will rise on the former Deli Plaza land (Source :