Tele – Pangururan Road (Toba Lake, North Sumatra)

This very panoramic provincial road connecting Dolok Sanggul & Tele (Humbang Hasundutan District) to Pangururan (capital of Samosir District) is the only land road access from main Sumatra Island to Samosir Island which is located in the center of Toba Lake. The road strecthes to about 25 km from the upper mountain up to the lowest point right on the coastal side of Toba Lake The road is now appx. 4-5 m wide, which is an improvement to the early 00′ where it was only 2-3 m wide forced opposite vehicles from two ways to drive slowly. In that period the vehicle on the cliff side even had to stop to give chance to vehicle on the canyon side to move first. Now that is an old song, vehicles can pass comfortably. On this ascending side, the almost naked string of mountains siding Toba Lake can be seen (the unseen left side, under these mountains, is Toba Lake) Continue reading

Sedikit ‘Vokal’ untuk meminta kesadaran penumpang memberi bangku di KRL

Sore tadi kembali di KRL Bogor – Jakarta harus sedikit ‘bersuara’ di dalam gerbong kereta untuk meminta kesadaran penumpang untuk memberikan bangku

Rombongan mahasiswi ini masuk KA dari St Depok, krn tempat duduk ud penuh mereka berdiri. Di gerbong tidak terlalu ramai, tp udd bnyk yg berdiri. Kbnykn yg duduk bapak2 atau anak muda yg hampir saya lihat semua menutup mata (tidur ato pura2 tidur grin emoticon ) atau sibuk memegangi gadget masing2.

Sy yg berdiri dekat pintu melihat seorang mahasiswi ini memegangi perutny sejak masuk KA, dgn wajah berusaha menahan. Kalo coba2 analisis, sepertiny ‘panggilan alam’ krn dia bawa tas kuliah (artiny niat kuliah) dan mungkin rasa krg nyaman itu akan reda stlh sekian waktu.. “)
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My Top 10 : The best fighting scene

I have big fond on action movies in which fighting scenes are affirmative properties which at many times become the most featured and remembered from the movies. So it is normal to have my own list of my favorite fighting scenes.
My criteria are of course it should involve the main actors (not fighting between extras :D), one vs one, intensities, ‘variation’, , and of course close association with the storyline

Unfortunately, not all from my lists belong on You Tube videos so you’d better watch the movies for those who aren’t listed with YT video here.

1. Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

The only person who can beat Chuck Norris to death lol. It could be turned into “kung-fu vs karate” scene but it was more than that. Only within the last 1 minute or so that we were convinced Bruce will win. Other than that, it looks really even with young Chuck Norris show his karate skills so smoothly made Bruce looked jaded at first. Set in the great Coliseum Rome – which add colossal vibe into it. The fact that no dialogue between the two warriors and cat’s ‘scream’ that started the fight makes it more memorable.
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(calon) Stasiun Sukaresmi, Bogor

(Calon)Stasiun Sukaresmi

Ini adalah calon stasiun baru yang terletak d antara st Bogor dan st Cilebut (kira2 2,5 km dr Cilebut ke Selatan). DIrencanakan utk membantu mengurangi kepadatan Stasiun Bogor.

To the point, Stasiun ini masih galau status pembangunanny Pemkot ud hampir nyelesakan pembangunan jalan akses dari Sholeh Iskandar / Jl Baru Kedung Halang hingga 500 m lebih ke calon lokasi stasiun, tp pembebasan lahan untuk stasiunny oleh PT KAI masih malu2, jd pmbangunan jalan akses dengan rigid ini pun sepertiny terhenti dan malah jadi tempat anak2 alay buat nongkrong. Pdhl tadiny target operasional adalah tahun ini :ohno:

Oh ya, rencanany stasiun Sukaresmi juga bakal jad tempat [B]stabling[/B], penyimpanan rangkaian kereta. [B]Gardu Listrik ALiran Atas Kedung Badak[/B] milik PT KAI yg sudah lama ada di sini sepertiny akan mendukung fungsi stasiun tersebut

^^ Saya ms belum ngeh titik bangunan stasiun persisiny di mana walau bisa diperkirakan. Yang merah kmgkn calon lokasi stasiun, yg merah jambu itu jl akses dri Sholeh Iskandar ke stasiun, aspal rigid beton, yg coklat itu jalan yang sudah ada dan kemungkinan besar jd akses stasiun dr Raya Cilebut. Hitam rel KA, orange Jl Raya Cilebut, dan abu2 kemungkinan jadi tempat parkir, areany kosong.

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Real Madrid 2015 in descendant mode?

News about Santiago Bernabeu people jeer, boo their own players become casual norm in recent weeks. Reasonable? Logic is clear, apparent dysfunctional in team organizing which hit the peak at the 0-4 loss to the merciless city rival Atletico Madrid. And it becomes hotter during last home game against Schalke, despite a thriling game but a 3-4 loss at home to the team which they thumped 2-0 back in Germany was so unforgivable. Only 2 wins in last 7 games wrap it up.

As a Madridista, I do not expect team to work wonders all the time in the world, but surely the team and the coach have to find their way out of this wilderness. What I was very dissapointed, so many fingers pointed at Bale and Ancelotti to the point some wanted they have to leave. Memory is short unfortunately? Last year we won something other clubs in the world can only dream in their wildest dream, La Decima. Along with assuring win in the Copa del Rey final against our biggest rival Barcelona. Gareth Bale scored on both final games, but he seems now the black sheep of the family? I can’t understand this. This also goes to other players like Casillas and Ronaldo which had given so much to the pride of white shirt. As a fan, need to back the players ups and downs except you are a glory hunter fan.

Map of Commuter Line Train Journeys of Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi) with distances — Peta Rute Perjalanan KRL Commuter Line Jabodetabek UPDATE 2017 (lengkap dengan jarak antar stasiun)

This is the designated map of Commuter Line Train (KRL Commuter Line) of Jabodetabek Metropolitan Area updated as per April of 2017 (it is using electrified train system)

Berikut ini adalah peta rute perjalanan Kereta Rel Listrik (KRL) Commuter Line Jabodetabek Gapeka 2017 (update April 2017).

Starting from 1st of April 2017, the train journey towards Serpong – Parung Panjang – Maja has now been extended into Rangkasbitung, the capital city of Lebak District, in Banten. All local economy trains from Jakarta to Rangkasbitung have been stopped, changed with Commuter Line Train. Cost is fixed IDR 8000 from Tanah Abang Railway Station in Jakarta to Rangkasbitung.

Mulai 1 April 2017, perjalanan KRL arah Serpong kini diperpanjang sampai Rangkasbitung. KA lokal Rangkas sudah ditiadakan, fully KRL sampe Rangkasbitung 🙂 . Untuk perjalanan KRL dari Stasiun Tanah Abang menuju Rangkasbitung, tarifnya sebesar Rp 8.000.

Another update, from total 154 KRL train trips travelling from Bekasi to Jakarta Kota, there are 8 trips which routes are switched to go through Pasar Senen Railway Station (previously all Bekasi – Jakarta Kota train journeys are passing through Manggarai – Cikini – Gondangdia railway stations).  4 trips from Bekasi to Jakarta Kota, and another 4 trips from Jakarta Kota to Bekasi.
Means that 4 trips from Bekasi will turn right in Jatinegara Railway Station, instead of going straight to Manggarai Railway Station. This will help passengers who wants to go to area near Senen – Kemayoran, etc. All the other remaining trips are still going through Manggarai Railway Station as usual.

Kemudian ada 8 perjalanan KRL Bekasi – Jakarta Kota yang kini akan melalui Stasiun Pasar Senen, tidak lagi melalui Manggarai. Artinya KRL dari Bekasi tsb saat di Jatinegara akan berbelok kanan menuju Gang Sentiong – Senen – Kemayoran – Rajawali, tidak melalui Manggarai. Ingat hanya 8 perjalanan saja, dari total 154 perjalanan KRL Bekasi – Jakarta Kota.
Perjalanan KRL Bekasi yang lain tetap melalui Stasiun Manggarai – Cikini – Gondangdia menuju Stasiun Kota seperti biasa. Ini akan membantu penumpang dari Bekasi yang memang hendak ke tujuan Pasar Senen, Kemayoran, dan skitarnya.

(To zoom the picture or view bigger map, please visit:
untuk gambar ukuran besar atau hendak men-zoom, sila visit ke:

Since 1st of October 2016, PT KCJ (Commuter Line Operation Company) introduced new train fare according to the distance between stations. For the first 25 km, passengers will be charged IDR 3000, and then IDR 1000 for each additional 10km distance. Don’t worry, going with Commuter Train in Jabodetabek is very cheap, you should have more than enough money to cover that (the longest distance which around 120 km shall cost you IDR 14.000 / app. US$ 1.1, extremely cheap isnt it? 🙂 )

Sejak 1 Oktober 2016 kemarin, PT KCJ (Commuter Line) memperkenalkan tarif KRL berdasarkan jarak antar stasiun. 1-25 km pertama tarif adalah Rp 3000 kemudian ditambah 1000 untuk 10 km berikutny.

Remember when doing transaction, you also have to pay deposit IDR 10.000, which you can claim after arriving in your destination railway station.

But it is recommended, due to huge people using Commuter Line train and avoiding queue on the check, use some top-up cards issued by Indonesian Bank like Flazz BCA Bank, E-Money Mandiri Bank, etc. Don’t worry, you can also purchase the card on the station, tell the cashier/counter that you want to buy Multi-Trip Card.

The card (which you will tap in gate-in and gate out of railway stations) shall cost IDR 50.000 consists of administration cost IDR 20.000 + your card account balance IDR 30.000, and later you can add the amount on the station cashiers.


In the future, the KRL train will also extend its way towards the East to reach Cikarang Railway Station, West Java which is the central of many big industrial zones and big factories. Some railway stations between Bekasi and Cikarang like East Bekasi, Tambun, and Cikarang have been going through extensive modernization and renovation to prepare for Commuter Line trips (previously, only local economy trains that stop on these stations from Jakarta).
Soon after the Double-Double Track Railway Project (4 railway lanes from Jakarta to Bekasi) is finished, the Commuter Line trips to Cikarang are expected to see the light of the day.

Ke depan juga KRL akan mencapai Stasiun Cikarang, Jawa Barat. Stasiun2 seperti Bekasi Timur, Tambun, dan Cikarang saat ini sudah hampir kelar proses renovasi agar mendukung perjalanan KRL. Segera setelah proyek Double Double Track (4 rel sejajar) dari Manggarai sampai Bekasi selesai, maka KRL ke Cikarang akan mulai dioperasikan dan jumlah perjalanan KRL ke arah Bekasi akan bertambah.