Getting Indian Business Visa in Jakarta

Soon after accepted as an intern in Tata Consultancy Services (AIESEC ACE Program) I prepare my self to apply for Indian Business Visa. First I was a bit doubt, because it is very rare to hear a country will give business visa for 1 year duration (usually business visa is the same manner with tourist visa in term of duration, a short-term visa)

I prepare everything start from my own identity card, my passport and the copy, the photos, the invitation letter from TCS (one thing I was also afraid because I only got the print from scanned-photo – in many countries they require the original letter to be shown at the embassy’s desk), letter from my Local AIESEC, and a simple health assessment from local doctor.

So I went to Indian Embassy in Rasuna Said Street Jakarta. All of my bags which are unimportant left at the security post, then I enter the embassy yard (by law this is Indian land). The time was at 10.30 AM, and when I entered the room I saw about twenty or thirty people in the room, with an administration space in the front (looked like cashier). Most of the people are Indians, the women using sarees (I think they are Indonesian Indians wanted to go to India). I got my queue number and sit down in the chair.