BSD City in Pictures

BSD City (formerly known as Bumi Serpong Damai) is a satellite city located in the South-West side of Jakarta. As the Indonesian Capital was on a verge to manage the overpopulated city in the nineties, government plans were on the way to ‘distribute’ the residential area outside of Jakarta. Thus, it fed the mega property investor opportunities to land in prestigious projects like satellites cities, real estates, etc; that are located outside of Jakarta

As I do not want to stream the history (and I’m not a property business wizard), here I just want to present some interesting information and pictures about one of the finest and most successful satellite city in Indonesia. Here we go :

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, the main street of BSD City

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu : menghadap Serpong

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu : menghadap Serpong

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu - menghadap Tangerang

Pahlawan Seribu Street, the main road in BSD City, captured towards North (Tangerang)

Tugu Air Mancur / Bundaran BSD

BSD Fountain in beauty, one of the trademark sign of BSD City

BSD Plaza

BSD Plaza , one of the oldest shopping center in BSD City. Regardless the growing scores of new shopping center in the city, its impeccable strategic location made it still popular up to these days

Taman Bundaran BSD

Taman Bundaran BSD, a nicely-designed park to give a string of nature’s touch inside the city

Foresta Park

The magnificent Pedestrian in the front of Foresta Park, a big residence in BSD City. Never get bored to play my eyes on simple but harmonic landscape design. It gives a sense of being in a little green jungle

Boulevard BSD - mendung

Eastern BSD Boulevard, captured through a cloudy-rainy day

Sungai Cisadane - arah Tangerang

Cisadane river that sides the BSD City, photographed towards Tangerang.

Sungai Cisadane - arah Serpong

Cisadane River photographed towards Serpong. The green banks and tiny island in the middle added some combination to the nature’s theme of BSD City

Boulevard BSD - pohon pinang

Boulevard BSD – pohon pinang

Pedestrian Foresta Park

Another lovely still of Foresta Park Pedestrian

Pedestrian Boulevard BSD

The spacey BSD Pedestrian, for walkers and perhaps for some people want to do jogging or driving bicycle

Hijau - arah Kantor Pemasaran BSD

The ‘greeny’ BSD Boulevard connecting residence to the downtown. With no public bus passes this road, it is a great view for drivers while lining through this street

Boulevard BSD 2 - dari median tengah

Boulevard BSD 2 from the middle of the road, it shows a quite-maintained road that connecting the sub-urban residence to the downtown.

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