My Dream Band – Progressive / Jam Rock

If I am a producer and wants to make my own hard rock band, this should be my band :
(the main parameter is that they are my idols and I love their bands too, so one may ask where is Jimi Hendrix or Jordan Rhodes, I will answer them that JHE or Dream Theather are not my favorite bands – but they and their bands are super great of course!!)

Lead Vocal : IAN GILLAN
He has top vocal quality, no argument. In his days, IMO he is the best rock vocalist ever, can sing high notes, medium notes, and low notes so beautifully and passionate.
He os also a very good frontman, always finds time to connect with the audience, always giving some time to make his bandmate into the spotlight – at least by introducing him with admirable words, and respect his fans – google about how many times he did have arguments with security on concerts over the fans

Lead Guitar 1 : EDDIE VAN HALEN
Anyone would want to have God of Guitar on his band, isn’t it?

Lead Guitar 2 : RANDY RHOADS
A guitar hero, IMO he is the best man to stand aside to God of Guitar on concert. A tremendous / spectacular / ..(fill it anything you want).. concert would be if they both play for our money.

Keyboards : MIC MICHAELI
One of the underrated keyboardist as this is quite the 2nd instrument in a hard rock band. But listen to his stuff on Final Countdown, Out of This World, Last Look at Eden, he somehow can made a rock song more listenable to wider audience without losing the metal edge. I could see he would add new dimension to the rocking stuff Jimi and Van Halen are cooking on concerts.

God of GUitars must be accompanied with God of Bass, how would you argue? I could see the three changing parts and duel many times during their concerts

To compliment my dream band, who else could be the possible man to fill the group full of virtuosity? Perhaps the most respected drummer along with John Bonham, 100% improvisations, Neil Peart is the first man on my head to play drums on my great band.

That’s it, it would be thousands of possibilities, but as far as I am listening to rock music perhaps this is the best compilation I want to put. In months or years, thing could be different tough, so it is just matter of time.

Alan Pardew (Newcastle United) , The Best Manager of Barclays Premier League 2011-2012

Alan Pardew and Vincent Kompany’s Premier League award

Newcastle United’s Alan Pardew has been named the Premier League manager of the season, while Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has taken the players’ prize.

Newcastle are fifth in the league and targeting a Champions League place in Sunday’s final game at Everton.

“It’s been a magnificent achievement by everyone at this club,” said Pardew.

Kompany has been a key man in City’s defence as they close in on their first title since 1968.
Did you know?

Alan Pardew’s Senegalese signings Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse have contributed 30 goals between them this season. Ba has scored 17 goals this season while Cisse has netted 13 times since he joined in January.

On Sunday’s final day of the season, leaders City host Queens Park Rangers knowing victory should see them clinch the title because of their superior goal difference to neighbours United.

Newcastle cannot finish lower than fifth this season, meaning they will end the campaign ahead of Chelsea and Liverpool. They are aiming to overtake Arsenal and Tottenham to the third and automatic Champions League spot.

Pardew added: “The pinnacle of the game is the Champions League. To actually be competing for it is more than we imagined.

“To have that opportunity [of Champions League qualification] is something that doesn’t come along very often, and we want to try to grasp it.”

He took over in December 2010 following the sacking of Chris Hughton, when the team was in mid-table in the Premier League having been newly promoted from the Championship – they eventually finished the season in 12th place.

Pardew has taken the club to the verge of Champions League qualification this season, with his signings, particularly strikers Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse, proving influential.

Kompany took the players’ award for his performances in a Manchester City defence which has conceded just 27 goals in 37 games, helping them to establish a superior, and potentially decisive, goal difference of eight in comparison to Manchester United.

City have kept 17 clean sheets this season and their winner in the crucial 1-0 win over United at the end of last month was scored by Kompany.

Congratulations to Alan Pardew. You deserve this award, you have brought Newcastle back into life again.
NOthing compares to you Pardew
Walking in Pardew’s Wonderland

The Indonesian Badminton Athletes for London Olympics

The list of Indonesian Badminton athletes that will make it to Olimpiade London

Men’s Singles
Simon Santoso
9th IBF

Simon Santoso

Taufik Hidayat
12th IBF

Taufik Hidayat

Women’s Singles
Maria Febe
34th IBF

Maria Febe

Men’s Doubles
Mohammad Ahsan/Bona Septano
6th IBF

Ahsan – Bona

Women’s Doubles

Greysia Polii/Meiliana Jauhari
12th IBF

Greysia – Meiliana

Mixed Doubles
Tantowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir
3th IBF

Tantowi – Lilyana

Good luck and all the best for them, hope that Indonesia will bring one gold medal in this Olympics.

My experience with a website about learning prounounciation

I would like to share a link, where I have experienced good ways to learn and hear how to spell some complex or difficult ENglish words (please understand that I am just a common English student, no intention of promoting for other purpose)

the website is :

I was first used that during my first days in India where I was really struggling to adjust with the hectic English conversation I do have to be involved with, not to mention my mediocre English when I started to went overseas.

Enter the forvo website, I got really a big help in helping me to mitigate my limitation. Start from how to say “delighted”, “confused”, “conference”, “array”, the list went on increasing day by day. What makes it fun is that many words got a lot of native speaker’s pronunciation that we are going to able to learn from many people about how to say a particular word. On top of all that, audio is also quite clear, consider it is a free website, then what else should we expect? I am very thankful that my English improving step by step by using the facility on this website.

The website also provide facilities for spelling other languages as well, so it is a good journey.

Why EPL is still the best?

I always put EPL highly among all other popular football leagues in the world, including Serie-A, La Liga, and Bundesliga

Why? I got many reasons for that :
1. My favorite club is Newcastle United and Real Madrid.
But in facts, I am able to watch any other games in TV which is not including Newcastle for most of the 90 minutes.

2. You can never easily guess the result of a game.

3. We can’t decide a result of a game until the final whistle blows

4. Score 2-0 is never categorized as safe. When the opponents got one goal, for most of the games I have ever watched, the rest of the game is going to be about the opponent try to get equalizer or not

5. Table doesn’t reflect the reality. A 20th positioned club could make life difficult for Top 6 table teams. This season, Blackburn who were sat in 19th beat Manchester United in Old Trafford by 2 to 1 !!!

My Top 10 : Best Actress

Here is my list of Hollywood Actresses I think are the best actresses I’ve ever seen :
1. Judi Dench
Her performance as M in James Bond series astonishing me. Fabolous display. BUt

2. Julia Roberts
Many comment she is one of the most overrated actress in Hollywood. But IMO her performance is so natural, she can be at any position if you analogue her as a footballer. Okay some of her voices and moans basically the same, but the acting cannot lie. Just check the diversity of her films and how many of her movies are famous and got many awards / nominations.

3. Keira Knightley
Appears as a beauty and classy English women, she always attract me with her acting skill. But what I like is that she deliver her words with passion and style, make me remember Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond.

4. Kate Winslet
Not the perfect body or face, bus she always delivered 1000% of his ability to the films she played. That’s what I can derive from most of her movies.