Pope Francis, The New Pope in 2013

Much news arose to surface about the surprising Pope Benedictus resignation in February 2013. Age and health issue stand as his main reasons to resign, although some ‘experts’ in media called for some over the shadow reasons like alleged crime in the church system. THat was also the first event where the Pope resigned from his duty after several hundreds years the record stated.

Regardless of that, the scheduling process to select the next person to hold the holy stick and ring as Vatican’s leader ran very smoothly. Contrary to the prediction that it will take exhausting several days, that ‘most awaited in history’ white smoke squeeze out from the chapel in just the span of two days.

The New Pope that will lead 1,5 billion Catholic followers is Pope Francis, an Argentinian with Italian descendant, the first Pope from Latin America

Pope Francis (This file is taken from the Presidency of the Nation of Argentina web site,   presidencia.gov.ar)

Pope Francis (This file is taken from the Presidency of the Nation of Argentina web site, presidencia.gov.ar)

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Sedikit Ulasan Seputar Indonesia dan Rokok di Mata Internasional

Tadi saya terkejut baca berita di Internet, di beberapa media Australia yang mengungkit fakta bahwa Indonesia adalah salah satu dari sedikit negara yang masih belum ‘mau’ meratifikasi resolusi World Health Organization tentang Kontrol Penggunaan (Konsumsi) Tembakau. Di beberapa berita tersebut diulas betapa Kelly Clarkson, Smashing Pumpkins, Wolfmother, Alicia Keys, dan The Vines sempat dipaksa oleh LSM dan organisasi di negaranya untuk membatalkan konsernya di Indonesia gara2 konser mereka disponsori oleh industri rokok. Walau akhirnya mereka rela mengorbankan ‘sedikit’ integritasnya demi fans musik Indonesia yang sudah mengeluarkan biaya membeli tiket demi menonton konser musik mereka di Indonesia, tanah air kita yang belakangan ini sedang hangat2nya menjadi incaran para musisi Barat untuk tur Asia setelah Jepang, Singapura, Korea, dan Thailand.
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What is Stockhlom Syndromme?

A 45-year old runaway man kidnapped 2 young guys to protect him from the policemen who are trying to capture him. After escaping the police baricade by carrying the kids and walking through industrial pipes and a small caves nearby they hide inside an old house, which was used as the shelter for the miners to get some rest and eat their lunch.

With no intention to hurt the kids, the runaway man apologized try to comfort them and ensure that he will not do them any harm and let them go on the next morning safely. The conversation goes through with that man politely offer them some foods he brought from his place before kidnapping them. He also provide them a blanket for sleeping. Contrary to the previous, the kids are now more comfortable and can relax their breath. They even chat with the man about many things including playing some kid games.

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Triangle – One Shot from Medan Railway Station – Titi Gantung

Titi Gantung is an old bridge in Medan City Railway Station, built dyring Holland imperial era in Indonesia. I took a shot in a rare moment when a beggar just sitting under the triangle part of the bridge with railway and Medan cityscape as background. One of my photo which I am very proud of.