Simply a Better Love Story than Titanic, Twilight, Pretty Woman, etc..etc.. (Cristiano Ronaldo Comfort Lionel Messi after Copa Del Rey Final 2014)

After the final of Copa Del Rey 2014 in Mestalla Stadium, Valencia which was won by Real Madrid with competitive 2-1 score against its classic rival Barcelona, there was something beautiful.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Baloon D’Or 2014 winner who could not play that game due to harmstring injury – apparently very happy with the win and hugs his teammates cheerfully – came to a stranded and lonely Lionel Messi who wasn’t at his best during the entire game and looked very sad with empty face watching Madrid players joyfully celebrated the win all over the pitch. He circled his hand on Messi’s back and give some comfort words which was refreshingly welcomed by the Barcelona number ten player .
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Apa itu Es Teler?

Menikmati kuliner di rumah2 makan baik tradisional maupun restoran masakan nusantara di mall-mall hampir pasti ada menu dessert / minuman es teler. ‘Teler’ sendiri biasanya dikonotasikan sebagai pusing nyaris tidak sadar, keenakan, atau bahkan mabuk alkohol dalam konotasi negatif.

Namun es teler bukanlah bermakna harfiah seperti di atas. Konon kata ‘teler’ itu muncul karena komentar para penikmat minuman es bercampur buah kelapa dan alpukat di Semarang buatan Pak Tukiman Darmowijono, pedagang di Pasar Kota Semarang. Sangking enaknya, mereka berkomentar kalo mereka jadi teler sehabis minum minuman segar nan manis tersebut. Jadilah istilahnya es teler

‘Adonan’ es teler umumnya berupa santan, es batu, manisan berupa sirup (biasanya berwarna merah, sirup strawberry atau cocopandan) dan tambahan potongan buah segar belum diolah seperti daging kelapa muda, alpukat, naga, agar-agar, kolang-kaling, cenil, lengkong, dan berbagai variasi. Tapi intinya sama yaitu ada campuran buah, santan, sirup, es batu, dsb.. Sajian yang patut dinikmati sehabis kita memakan yang ‘berat2’ dan pedas-pedas, apalagi kalo udah kenyang, makin maknyus tuh menikmati es teler yang dilihat saja sudah bikin seger, apalagi pas dinikmati hehe 😀

INfo lebih lengkap mengenai es teler bisa dibaca di link di bawah :

Masih Ada Selain R.A. Kartini

Saya termasuk yang berpendapat ada banyak pahlawan wanita lain selain R.A. Kartini dalam menggambarkan keberanian dan perjuangan wanita di Indonesia (meski sah-sah saja apabila R.A. Kartini dijadikan simbol Indonesian woman movement) Tidak terlalu urgent sih, tetapi kalau membaca artikel2 tentang Hari Kartini, entah kenapa pahlawan-pahlawan wanita lainnya seperti jarang di-ekspos dibandingkan dengan R.A. Kartini, meski mereka lebih hebat bahkan hidup dalam kemiskinan dan sampai mengorbankan nyawa dalam penderitaan demi membela tanah air. Continue reading

My Top 10 : My Favorite Slow Rock Songs

The scenes of 70’s until early 90’s were enormously fruitful period for rock music heroes, with so many rock albums and songs become the king of charts. One pattern that is easily recognized, most rock bands always manage to include slower but still on the verge of hard rock songs – popularly known as ‘slow rock’

In my country Indonesia, slow rock songs are incredibly popular, perhaps due to Malay culture that naturally engaged a lot with slow music and melodic notes. One example, people here fashionably know “More Than Words” song with its sweet and gently acoustic guitar melodies but they mostly don’t know that Extreme is actually a funk-metal band anyway with 95% of their catalogues are hard rock, funk-metal.

Here I would like my favorite slow rock songs ever:

1. POISON Every Rose Has Its Thorn

From all those songs in the list, I will say this is the best. the most beautiful, from the lyric, the verse and the chorus, and the lyric Bret Michaels masculine, American, and deep tenor voice suit this sentimental song with its reflective lyric about human especially women 🙂

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KISS finally got inducted into Rock’n Roll Hall of (what)Fame?

Hearing Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame, I can’t afford to let the words of infamous Johny Rotten “The Sex Pistols” letter when his band got ‘honor’ to be inducted to Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame (“Next to the Sex Pistols, RR and that Hall of Fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine –> and so on) – famously, the letter was read by the committee during the ceremony in the absence of – of course – the Sex Pistols members.

And who can forget the “blah..blah..blah” speech by the always funny guy, Alex Lifeson of Rush? Which many analyzed as a direct attack to that joke institution

This year, perhaps one of the most controversial story in that Fame, KISS finally got inducted to te Fame after being dejected for so long – which triggered a famous petition to include the band.

Unsurprisingly, there were drama of words (especially from Paul Stanley, who has been very vocal about the former members and the RRHoF itsef) between current original members with Ace and Criss. Those thing even led to their decision not to perform on the ceremony and not wearing the make up – at one point I ‘salute’ RRHoF for NOT inducting other KISS members especially the current lead guitarist and drummer wearing the EXACTLY THE SAME make up as Criss and Ace, although I must say Bruce Kullick should get at least honourable mention

But fortunately, they can keep their differences on the ceremony and as what millions saw, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, standing together with proudness in front of their fans to celebrate their legacy in rock’n roll world

There they were, four original New York guys who shocked the world in the seventies with their extravagant and rebel make-up and custom plus of course high-voltage rock’n roll music includin the anthemic “Rock’n Roll All Night”, “Calling Dr. Love”, “Strutter”, and many many wonderful songs

Here are some quotes from the four New York origins during the acceptance speech at the exclusive ceremony
Gene Simmons
Peter Criss
Ace Frehley
Paul Stanley

A Good Election – Indonesia Succesfully Held the People’s Representative Election in Wednesday 9th of April 2014

In 9th of April, Indonesia held

In my opinion, this election comes as a fruit of continuous political stability in the country over the years. One of the biggest democracy event in the world ran smoothly without any serious charge or disruption.
Everybody talks about the result, the chances, predictions, and the future. Not even one single threat cause a major unrest. Every parties accepted the result and move on to design their strategies for Presidential Election come July 2014.

( Quick Counting Result of Indonesia People's Representative 2014

( Quick Counting Result of Indonesia People’s Representative 2014

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Pedestrian di Cililitan – Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo, Jakarta Timur

Siang itu dari Halte Busway Cawang, aq berjalan kaki menuju Pool Bus Prima Jasa. Rupanya perjalanan cukup jauh, ada sekitar 2 km. Aq belum tahu sebelumnya bahwa kalau mau lebih dekat, harusnya dari turun di halte busway berikutnya yang lebih dekat dengan Pool Bus Prima Jasa.

Anyway, kesempatan berjalan kaki itu tak gunakan buat mengambil foto pedestrian / trotoar Jl. Mayjen Sutoyo yang tertata cukup bagus. Siang yang cerah juga membantu saya dalam mengambil foto yang baik.

Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo - arah ke Cawang

Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo – arah ke Cawang

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