EPL 2013 – 2014 : Boxing Day has turned into Boxing Table

The Famous Boxing Day Games (26th of December) of EPL Season 2013/2014 have just over yesterday. And with the same tune with my post earlier about EPL, the table after the game show us how quality the league is. 6 points separate the 1st positioned team (Arsenal) with the 6th-positioned team (Newcastle United) – just see another leagues. A team having One slip means opportunities for the other teams around them 🙂

Interestingly enough, Newcastle United will host Arsenal in St. James Park Stadium this Sunday.

I can’t wait for my favorite club, Newcastle, to break on through and show what they are. From neutral perspective, one will have big enthusiasm to see how the table will look once again after the upcoming Saturday / Sunday games

Image is captured from BBC Sports – http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/25467526


I visit Rangkasbitung one month ago

Views from the Lake – University of Indonesia, Depok

I really have a huge accolade for stunning sceneries all around the campus of University of Indonesia Campus in Depok. It is always a great day to step my feet and brush my eyes with well-designed landscape that cover the university. That is the greatest thing about the university, the spirit for learning and teaching blend nicely with the mother’s nature son.

UI Depok Campus
University of Indonesia map (Depok campus)
Pic source : http://www.ui.ac.id/id/campus/page/peta-kampus-depok

In my earlier post, I shared some views of the pedestrian
On this post, the focus is on the beautiful images around the biggest lake in the University of Indonesia. The lake is perhaps the center point of the campus, the trademark of the landscape over here, as from that zone we could see the UI Directorate, Library, the Mosque, and some of the Departments like School of Law, etc. So one who visit this campus, should not miss a chance to at least walk around the lake to enjoy this view.

These are old photos, but luckily the queen of weather smiled so sweetly to me that I really had a good time in capturing the stills even with my very cheap camera – you can see the sunshine spring on this photos 🙂

Please enjoy 🙂

University of Indonesia Library on Cunstruction

University of Indonesia Library on Cunstruction

The Lake inside University of Indonesia, with glittering sunshine reflection upon the water

The Lake inside University of Indonesia, with glittering sunshine reflection upon the water

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Memory : Christmas Vibe in my church in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

In late 2010, I was blessed with an opportunity to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ outside of my country. I was in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, East India during my AIESEC Traineeship in Tata Consultancy Services

Here I share the photos I capture during the glowing moment. So nice and happy to see Christmas is celebrated as a public festival in India (I mean ANYONE can celebrate it, even if he/she is not a Christian). I’m looking forward to celebrate Christmas joyfully again in another country..soon 🙂

Take a look

Very busy festival...oh wait, Christmas festival

Very busy festival…oh wait, Christmas festival

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RIP Darman Prasetyo, masinis KRL di Kecelakaan Bintaro 2

Di detik-detik akhir hidupnya, Masinis Darman melakukakn keputusan yang tepat dengan TIDAK melakukan Rem Mendadak padahal ada mobil tangki di depan, karena kalau Masinis melakukan rem mendadak, KRL dengan 8 gerbong yg saat itu berkecepatan 70 km/jam akan terguling dari rel dan korban nyawa bisa mencapai ratusan orang lebih, termasuk mungkin orang2 di sisi rel KA ..
Rest in Peace, Darman Prasetyo

“Hormat terakhir” foto Jawa Pos hari ini yang menggambarkan se-peron penuh pegawai KAI melepas jenazah masinis Darman Prasetyo dari Stasiun Gambir ke Purworejo dengan KA Argolawu.

A single picture ;indeed; can say a thousand words….

Jawa Pos Rabu, 11Desember 2013
Ket.gambar:Hartisah Almudatsir/Jawa P

The Last Send-Off

The Last Send-Off

RIP – SELAMAT JALAN (status menyentuh)

Seharusnya pagi itu dia menemani kesibukan pagiku seperti sudah berlangsung beberapa tahun ini. Dia selalu setia menemani hari-hariku. Tapi 2 hari lalu dia diam membisu. Dia tak bereaksi saat kuajak bekerja seperti biasanya. Saat kusentuh dan kuguncang-guncang, dia tak bergeming. Kenapa dia? Oh tidak ! Hidupku akan sangat berat tanpa dia.
Akhirnya kemarin kubawa dia kepada ahlinya untuk dicari sebabnya dan disembuhkan, kuharap dia bisa segera segar bugar kembali untuk menemani hari-hariku. Dia amat penting bagiku, karena hampir setiap hari kepadanya aku tumpahkan segala gundah gulana, kepadanya aku mengadu, bersamanya aku mendapat hiburan, bernyanyi bersama, nonton film bersama, tapi yang paling penting dia juga yang menerima gagasan-gagasan dan ideku, dia juga yang membantu aku berpikir dan mengkomunikasikan pikiranku kepada orang lain.
Tapi barusan ada kabar buruk yang kuterima: DIA MATI untuk selamanya !
Dunia terasa gelap sesaat !
Aku benar-benar shock! Aku berduka !
Oh LAPTOPku mati untuk selamanya. Jantung dan otaknya yang ada di motherboard rusak tak bisa diselamatkan. Ooooh.
Aku tak dapat membayangkan apa yang akan terjadi setelah kepergiannya. 🙂

(copas status FB guru SMA saya, Pak Cecep Iskandar) hehehe 🙂 🙂

Bogor View from Bogor Trade Mall – Salak Mountain, the residences, river, South-East perspective

A hilly city, Bogor is a pleasing place for spending times with photography. Located 40 km in the South of Jakarta, many points in this city offer chances to capture glorious views towards the valleys and mountains in and outside the city.

One place is from the right-side and back-side of Bogor Trade Mall, one of the most famous shopping center in Bogor city. From this angle, we can see the Bogor valley around Cisadane river and the mountains, especially Salak mountain in the far South. And the late afternoon is a perfect way to take photos, since the twilight can be seen clearly in the blue sky with sunshine sparkling among the white clouds depicting a great view to enjoy.

Please have your time and enjoy 🙂

Empang Street, the descending road to the banks of Cisadene river

Empang Street, the descending road to the banks of Cisadene river

Bogor twilight (2) - see how compact and tight the residence are, if you check the roofs mostly are old houses

Bogor twilight (2) – see how compact and tight the residence are, if you check the roofs mostly are old houses

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