My Top 10 : My Favorite Websites

There is no day without Internet, I can assure you of that 🙂 . Here I would like to share what websites I really frequently visit and doing activities inside when my computer’s is connected to the Internet.

At this stake, I omit certain website categories like mail system, search engine, online tools, online applications, social media, online data store, downloads. I make it clear that my interest lays on the content and engagement/interactive features of the website, not the function or how often I visit the web (I mean, I visit and use Google search everyday and even multiple times daily but it doesn’t sensibly go as far as saying that is my favorite website lol 😀 ).

In other words, these websites I list below are content-oriented websites which I am more concern with the content and the activity I could engage and communicate with when visiting the websites.

As things stand, these are my favorite websites. As my mood is like roller coaster, I won’t be shy to change it another day. 🙂
Please enjoy…would be nice if you could share me yours too 🙂
This is like my world’s Bible 🙂 While it is not 100% reliable, but I depict this as a Dictionary of Life. I almost could check everything I want to know by typing on that tiny box on the left side. And bang, Continue reading

My Diary : Naik KRL dari Jakarta ke Tangerang

Pagi itu saya berencana mengikuti kegiatan rehabilitasi dan penghijauan pantai dengan menanam Mangrove di Desa Tanjung Pasir, Teluk Naga, Kab. Tangerang oleh Green Smile dan FAST IT Telkom. Karena terlambat datang di meeting point para alumni di Bendungan Hilir, saya berangkat sendiri ke lokasi tujuan. Untuk ke Tangerang saya memutuskan menggunakan KRL, sekalian mencoba pertamakalinya karena selama ini baru pernah naik KRL dari Jakarta – Bogor dan Jakarta – Serpong saja 🙂

Saya berangkat dari stasiun Duri. Inilah pengalaman pertama saya berangkat dari Stasiun Duri, selama ini di Lingkar Jakarta saya hanya pernah mencapai Stasiun Tanah Abang saja, never know what is all around in the extent of the railway to the North.

Kereta bersiap untuk berangkat dari Stasiun Duri... terlihat kerumunan pedagang nun jauh di ujung kereta

Kereta bersiap untuk berangkat dari Stasiun Duri… terlihat kerumunan pedagang nun jauh di ujung kereta

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