Mega Kuningan – South Jakarta

Mega Kuningan is one of prominent Central Business District in Jakarta. Located in the heart of the city, one can see mix of high-storeys building, national and international bank, international embassies, office buildings. restaurants, and luxury residences.

The main entrance to Mega Kuningan CBD -

The main entrance to Mega Kuningan CBD –

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Kuala Namu International Airport Access Road

Kuala Namu INternational Airport is a 3-years old airport in North Sumatra, Indonesia. With so much positive changes from the old poor POlonia Airport (which is located in the CENTER, yes center of Medan city), it sparks bright atmosphere in Air Transportation in North Sumatra.

As it is located far outside Medan city, then there is a hub connection road from Medan to the airport. Airport aside, the road itself is quite panoramic and has very wide area. At the moment the 16-km road has 2 lanes in each side of the road. Enjoy the photos

To Medan City

To Medan City

To Kuala Namu International Airport (this point only 4 km from the airport)

To Kuala Namu International Airport (this point only 4 km from the airport)

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Palm Oil Plantation and Views Around Kuala Namu International Airport

The newly-built Kuala Namu International Airport in North Sumatra Indonesia is one of the airport surrounded by huge oil palm plantation near and far. Another airport which is similar is Kuala Lumpur International Airport

These are some of the pictures captured from around Kuala Namu INternational Airport. Enjoy

Alternative road to Batang Kuis / Lubuk Pakam

Alternative road to Batang Kuis / Lubuk Pakam

Palm Oil Plantation 1

Palm Oil Plantation 1

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Tele – Pangururan Road (Toba Lake, North Sumatra)

This very panoramic provincial road connecting Dolok Sanggul & Tele (Humbang Hasundutan District) to Pangururan (capital of Samosir District) is the only land road access from main Sumatra Island to Samosir Island which is located in the center of Toba Lake. The road strecthes to about 25 km from the upper mountain up to the lowest point right on the coastal side of Toba Lake The road is now appx. 4-5 m wide, which is an improvement to the early 00′ where it was only 2-3 m wide forced opposite vehicles from two ways to drive slowly. In that period the vehicle on the cliff side even had to stop to give chance to vehicle on the canyon side to move first. Now that is an old song, vehicles can pass comfortably. On this ascending side, the almost naked string of mountains siding Toba Lake can be seen (the unseen left side, under these mountains, is Toba Lake) Continue reading

(calon) Stasiun Sukaresmi, Bogor

(Calon)Stasiun Sukaresmi

Ini adalah calon stasiun baru yang terletak d antara st Bogor dan st Cilebut (kira2 2,5 km dr Cilebut ke Selatan). DIrencanakan utk membantu mengurangi kepadatan Stasiun Bogor.

To the point, Stasiun ini masih galau status pembangunanny Pemkot ud hampir nyelesakan pembangunan jalan akses dari Sholeh Iskandar / Jl Baru Kedung Halang hingga 500 m lebih ke calon lokasi stasiun, tp pembebasan lahan untuk stasiunny oleh PT KAI masih malu2, jd pmbangunan jalan akses dengan rigid ini pun sepertiny terhenti dan malah jadi tempat anak2 alay buat nongkrong. Pdhl tadiny target operasional adalah tahun ini :ohno:

Oh ya, rencanany stasiun Sukaresmi juga bakal jad tempat [B]stabling[/B], penyimpanan rangkaian kereta. [B]Gardu Listrik ALiran Atas Kedung Badak[/B] milik PT KAI yg sudah lama ada di sini sepertiny akan mendukung fungsi stasiun tersebut

^^ Saya ms belum ngeh titik bangunan stasiun persisiny di mana walau bisa diperkirakan. Yang merah kmgkn calon lokasi stasiun, yg merah jambu itu jl akses dri Sholeh Iskandar ke stasiun, aspal rigid beton, yg coklat itu jalan yang sudah ada dan kemungkinan besar jd akses stasiun dr Raya Cilebut. Hitam rel KA, orange Jl Raya Cilebut, dan abu2 kemungkinan jadi tempat parkir, areany kosong.

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Parapat – Tomok Ferry Ship Crossing Toba Lake

Ferry transport is not only utilised for crossing the sea or strait only. In Lake Toba it is also used for carrying the vehicles from either sides of the lake (Parapat/Ajibata to Tomok). Actually there are newer but smaller ferry crossings in Toba Lake, like from Tiga Ras to Simanindo and a small one from Tamba to Palipi. But Parapat – Tomok route is the most famous and possesses the most number of travels.

The Ferry Ship

Bon Voyage
Part 1 (66)
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Goodbye Deli Plaza Medan

A huge property project that is Podomoro City will step on Medan city at Friday 7th 2014 inauguration.

However, a slice of tear comes down from my eye because this project will vanish Deli Plaza building, one of the oldest shopping center in Medan. I have many cheerish memories in this place, including having dinner with my late father and family in the 3rd floor on a restaurant

Will be a breaking heart to watch the iconic 4-storeys building have to be destroyed but the location is actually very strategic in the heart of the city, so talking about a big city like Medan it should be filled with superb high-prestigious project with high-rise buildings

Deli Plaza semasa masih beroperasi, warna coklatnya sangat ikonik

Podomoro City Medan Project that will rise on the former Deli Plaza land (Source :

My Diary : Tales from Train Journey Bandung – Jakarta / Naik Kereta Api Bandung – Jakarta

As opposed to my recent urban commuter train experiences, in this space I would like to share the moments during train journey from town to town, that is from Bandung (West Java) to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.

For full photo gallery, please see gallery below this article

This story starts from Hall Railway Station, Bandung, West Java under a clear summery sky on Sunday 5th of January 2013. I purchased ticket for Executive Class, Argo Parahyangan Train that cost me IDR 90.000 (around US$ 8). As seen in the photo below, the train is quite nice and comfortable that one could sleep peacefully a 3-hours journey.

Bandung City Hall Railway Station.. Time stood still at 09.25 AM in the morning when I took this photo

Bandung City Hall Railway Station.. Time stood still at 09.25 AM in the morning when I took this photo

But as it has always to do with my behavior on a train journey, I almost never spent life on the seat as I elected to stand between the compartment doors to take pictures. Certainly that day’s inviting-weather courtesy of clear blue sky, white clouds, and warming sunshine at the day provided me a steady platform to take as much pictures as I can, even if them are taken through window glasses and just taken with mobile-phone camera

Door between the compartment where I spent the majority of time during my travel capturing scenes :)

Door between the compartment where I spent the majority of time during my travel capturing scenes 🙂

The surrounding Inside the can see the seats rows

The surrounding Inside the train…you can see the seats rows

I choose not to write many paragraphs, instead my post rely on the story on each pictures that I captured consecutively during my travel. Moreover, I also decide to put pictures on a vertical display with medium size to give an ease for viewers to grab meaning of every stills I have posted here and also to make them as a timeline story. Risk is that the size of this post is very long that one need to scroll down a lot, but I as I stated above it is more useful to present them like this as you can check some pictures and leave the rest into a pictures gallery down under this very article.

1. Bandung – Cimahi – Padalarang
(click the image to see larger size)
The first part of the journey is from Bandung to Padalarang, a small city in the edge of Parahyangan Valley

Cimahi Residence as seen from the train

Cimahi Residence as seen from the train

Cimindi flyover in Cimahi... it was a hell of traffic before the fly over was built, as there is also a market in this place

Cimindi flyover in Cimahi… it was a hell of traffic before the fly over was built, as there is also a market in this place

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