My Top 10 : Most Popular News of 2012

As we have just passed another happy and turbulent year of 2012, I’d like to write things I feel the most events that taking up news so wide and popular among the people, of course from my own view. Please take a look (No disasters, murders, or everything regarding human lives as I only intend to write normal and interesting stories)

1. 21-12-2012
In and around day of 21st of December 2012, I sang Pearl Jam “Alive” so many times
” (Oh Oh, ho ho, I’m still alive yeaa)
No need to explain you the hype of this Maya calendar sensational fairytale, you know better than me.

2. Psy “Gangnam Style”
Suriah uprising news and another disasters decorate the early part of 2012. Then there was Psy with the hypnotic anthemic song “Oppa Gangnam Style”. I believe not many understand the meaning of the lyric, it was purely a party disco song. Psy came at the right time on the right place to entertain this full-of-pressures world.

3. Chelsea won the Champions League
Parking the bus! Parking the bus! Many football fans all around the world accused Chelsea and Di Matteo for this. Barcelona, perhaps the best football club this time around is a blatant victim. But the multi-billionare, the Russian Roman Abrahimovich won’t give any damn about it.

4. Palestine was acknowledged as a non-member of United Nations
An enormous advantage to the Palestine people, as more than 80% countries were in line with the United Nation’s decision. Of course Israel responded in another infamous houses development, but we all know that this news is a giant step forward to the freedom and peace of Palestine that should live happily alongside the Jews country, the most expected thing in the world ever.

5. US Elections
Altough Obama won it as expected, but the US Election news always pull up attentions all across the universe. Every online media all over the world as far as I have checked, reported it. The news about Mitt Romney and the league of him against Obama evolving like a daily-updated celebrity gossip, including the first debate between them which many says Romney won it. For three days I even read about hundreds of articles from various media just about the analysis of the debate. With the aggressive approach Kerry offer, I’m glad Obama won it by the way (of course another reason is because he was part of our country for 4 years, and under his leadership that US – Indonesia relationship hit the best period 🙂 )

6. Spain won the Euro 2012
Well it is like a common thing, Spain again won major tournament after Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. But who cares? Spain is my favorite team, this generation show the world their determination, exhilarating passing games, good tactical, and great chemistry. So they deserve it, come on who can disagree?

7. Lady Gaga Cancelled Concert in Indonesia
In May 2012 our country made headlines with the cancellation of Lady Gaga concert due to constant strong objections from many Muslim organization especially FPI. Although almost 50.000 tickets sold (could be one of the Asia biggest concert in 2012) and the permission process was ongoing, the management decided to cancel the June-scheduled concert for safety reasons. I remember so many international media reporting this. Fortunately no major impact, from June to December there were about 15 major Western musicians doing concert in our country with no problem including Guns N Roses, Sting, J-Lo, and Backstreet Boys. Still it is a pity and big shame Lady Gaga could not make it here. I mean Katy Perry in February used dress-like-bikini for almost half of the show and Gun’s Roses singing many strong-frustrated lyrics but they have no problem doing concert here at all.

8. Kate Middleton Leaked Photos
I remember many of my women friends and many women in social media expressed their jealousy and fantasy in the wake of Prince William – Kate Middleton marriage. Perhaps they become a bit confused with this news, as always the member of Buckingham Palace become the frontal target of paparazies, burning media, social analysts, newspapers, etc. And the leaked photos incident just one but maybe the most infamous disaster happened to the beautiful English rose. Feel sorry for her, the photos are just normal private holiday photos, but the incident triggered so many buzz that unfortunately similar cases she may face again in the years to come. But this explain about many of Kate’s friends and England women comments about how ‘unlucky’ she was married to an English Prince.

9. China Election
As the new world’s tiger, the exchanging in China leadership naturally attract the world’s attention. Knowing as one of the closest political system in the world, they only have one party and nobody even know exactly how they choose the next party’s boss who automatically become the country’s President. Yes we can’t expect a media stage or the journalists and cameramen wandering around the Beijing City or even the Forbidden City to report what is happening from minute to minute like US election, but then every news coming from inside is waited with sch interest. I recalled so many analysts in BBC, CNN, FoxNews, Al-Jazeera, and others happily made their articles about China election.
Well maybe Guns Roses should make concert in the Great Wall or nearby to sing all the songs from their latest album with the album’s title that enough to make Chinese Government furious.

10. The End of Twilight
Well, the end to one of the most-hyped love story in the world. I like the movies and will never say anything negative about it, but at a few points I think the story on the novel are much better. Well no one can deny the success of the movies including me, everybody seems to love them (still I wonder whether most of the Robert-Kristen fans have ever read the novel anyway? :D). But to call it the best love movie ever, I will stick to Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, and Pretty Woman. Still it is fun to read so many news and articles about the last saga of Twilight series and recall the history. What made me smile for the most of it is that Kristen-Robert is now a couple, what a lovely ending to Twilight fans ^_^

Concert Review : Guns N Roses Live in Jakarta 16-12-2012

There were three main impressions I got on my indirect ‘survey’ from fellow attendance coming to see GnR that day before the concert.
1. GnR is not cool without Slash and co., should be Axl band not GnR.
2. Axl is 50, he won’t cut it least they’re coming to Indonesia
3. I don’t recognize them. What could the new members give to us? Slash is God.

As a real GnR and Axl fan that always follow the band, I was a bit



Venue : Mata Elang International Stadium, Jakarta
Att. : +/- 7000

Two years back prior to the concert, I had dreamed of Axl Rose coming to my country. They had already been touring for 2 years since then, total 4 years if the 2006-2007 tour is counted. To me it looked impossible literally. And given their records of being late coming to stage, I didn’t have any idea what would be the reaction over here if that case happened. And Slash is also very popular in this country, so what is the point of seeing new Guns N Roses when there is no Slash, Duff, Adler, and Izzy. So personally it is up in the air, hoping but not expecting. (Don’t get me wrong, I really love the new band and their album)

But about two months ago, what I read came as a total shock to me. Guns N Roses is coming to Jakarta 15th of December 2012. Woaa! I automatically checked other GnR websites and other local media to verify my excitement. YES, it is positive. I erupted in joy and sweared that I will sacrifice everything to be able to come to their upcoming show over here, in Jakarta. And realizing that only India, Indonesia, and Japan that GnR are going to visit, this become very special. They decided to entertain us, what on earth this would be!

Chinese Democracy was certified gold time ago. Very good to this current standard, but long time ago Appetite and Illusions got a big sales over here, so of course we are expecting those hits. The challenge for GnR will be two things : new materials and the new members. What will we get? (read my preview above)

Okay , let’s go to the show.
The show started around 01.30 PM, 30 minutes late from the originial schedule, 01.00 PM. (an achievement, isn’t it? :D)
After waited for one hour or more (12 AM we have entered the venue), finally the show began.

1. Chinese Democracy
The lights go down (altough not 100%, we could see Richard went up the drum raiser)
And the famous riff I always hear on You Tube, now we got it on the flesh. Always a great opener, the song raised our voice up and hit the top when Axl finally came up as the last man. Although I believe not many were familiar with the song, but we enjoyed that.

2. Welcome To The Jungle
…and the show began. One no needs to explain how is this song always working on stage. People jumping, screaming, and of course helping Axl singing the song. To me this is the main gear when all the ‘new’ members started to catch the attention of all the crowds (read my prelude above)

3. It’s so Easy
Almost no warning, the Jungle sequenced into the bass intro of another Appetite tracks, and of course it wAs also worked out.

4. Mr. Brownstone
Quite 5 seconds after It’s So Easy, we were ‘introduced’ with the ‘new’ drummer, Frank Ferrer. He re-shaped the drum intro a bit, the people shake their bodies and clapped. When the guitar riff began, we screamed again and then erupted when Axl started singing. Although not a sing-along, but it was a top performance. Up until this one Axl haven’t yet greet us and still continue talking with their music. Oh yeah, Axl voice was on 100% top, almost erased the doubt of many audience that he could not cut it anymore.

5. Estranged
Time to give the tempo some rest. But Indonesian commonly have big crush with ballad, slow rock. So this gorgeous epic song became one of the highlight of the show. The guitar riff and solo are the cupcakes of this song, 3 guitarists played it so brilliant that it was highlighted on the 4 screens available on the venue.

6. Rocket Queen
Still no chat from the members, we were automatically transferred into another rock’n roll party, that is Rocket Queen. A fan favorite, I was more amazed with how Axl can still sing all the high notes although not 100% seamlessly like in the album. To me this is the highlight, I sang the lyrics so loud as this is my favorite song.

7. Richard Fortus solo
Finally Axl says something. Not so clear but he said something like “Thank you. This is maybe the first time I say this on concert. Good Afternoon!” with smiling on his face. Of course we all cheered up. Then Axl introduced Richard to play the solo. I consider him as the ‘3rd’ guitarist behind DJ and Bumblefoot, but he was really cool on that performance. Most audience who wasn’t familiar with all the guitarists (unlike me) got goosebumps watching Richard played. Great!

8. Live and Let Die
Another sing-along. Tje Paul McCartney track really worked out life. Despite not the very best flares and pyros, but we loved the performance (okay, not so many know how the pyros worked on another LaLD performances). Moat of the audience sang the lyric, such a fascinating moment. In the middle I recalled how bad Axl sang this on Rock Am Ring 2006 but here in 2012 he sang it flawlessly, such a great energy.

9. This I Love
The ‘new’ trIack. A clever way to put Chinese materials in the middle of the show. I believe not many of the audience know the new songs but I always believe this is Axl favorite song, so now I can watch him singing this ballad in the flesh and not searching on You Tube. The song works, Axl sang it so beautiful and flawless (altough not a sing along A as expected) and we clapped our hands before a very emotive and hot Axl Rose.

10. Better
The should-be-first-single track from Chinese Democracy. I was very anxious to see this song performed and as always, it worked out. The song was so powerful and we enjoyed that (although somehow I missed Robin Finck touch on this). Axl falsetto and anger style are very visible on this song, the crowds love it.

*Band Introduction
Finally it’s time for Axl to introduce his new band. In my eyes, on Indonesian audience, that was the baptism ceremony of the new members that opened our eyes about how extra ordinary those musician are regardless of our crush with Slash and co. This answers my impressions above. Another thing, how Axl introduced them, and consider how long they have been with Axl, I can proudly scream to my colleagues around that they are looking like best friends, brothers, something that I believe didn’t happen during the Illusion years.

11. Motivation
Tommy Stinson stepped forward to the microphone and performed this song so graciously while also unbelievably played the electric bass. More like post-punk/alternative track, it gave new dimension to this concert especially with Growling and unique Stinson vocal style.

12. “No Quarter”
although labeled as Dizzy’s solo, it was more of the band performance with Dizzy as the leader. JPJ used programmed piano for this one but Dizzy used the normal piano. He played the melody so beautifully with the band played the rhythm. I had no idea who played the guitar riff, but I’m sure more than one guitarist. I love this Led Zeppelin track although it’s obvious my friends around me had no idea what that fuck is that song :). So I sang the lyrics so loud with most of the people staring at me LOL

13. Catcher in the Rye
The ‘new’ track that the band had just performed in the last 1 or 2 year of their 4-years-ongoing tour. I was not familiar with this one, so as with other audience I listened to it carefully and yes, it is a great track. Maybe a more acoustic approach will do a lot of favor to this song’s performance on the stage.

14. The Blues
My favorite track from CD. Honestly I am very waiting of this since the concert began. While other colleagues didn’t know much about the song, I lonely sang this song so loud after the band performance. The band played it very beautiful, much better than what I saw on Rock Am Ring video, perhaps the best performance of the new track. The crowds cheered very loud after the song ends, as I say we love ballads / slow rock. Axl sang the melody so perfect and gorgeous.

15. You Could Be Mine
After ‘momentary’ Chinese Democracy session, the show now back on purpose. The thunderous drumming of Frank Ferrer lift the bar again and we are jumping and screaming. The band were on fire.

16. Sweet Child of Mine
Big Cheers, Massive sing-along, Jumping, screaming, fantastic guitars, and Axl incredible voice. Well, need I say more
But at this moment I felt that the people celebrated DJ Ashba as the Slash’s ideal replacement as he played the riff and the wonderful solos, not to mention his hat which is very similar to Slash’s one.

17. Another Brick in the Wall
Currently, the played this song in its entirety, contrary to 2010 earlier where they only played snippet off this song). This is my favorite Pink Floyd track. Much to my surprise, many people know the track and sang the lyric together with Axl who was already sitting in the front of the piano. The jam of ABitW I and ABitW II was so enjoyable, keyboardists added some delicate sounds that made the moment more haunting.

18 November Rain
I believe we all love the song. So of course naturally it always be one of the highlights of every Guns N Roses show. We all helped Axl sing the song as expected. The nice thing was that Axl many times took the opportunity to stare at us while singing the song and it was so personal, very intimate. I think he knows how much we love the song. Another memorable part is that the 3 guitarists worked together to play all the solos on this epic. Well, we didn’t miss Slash literally, did we?

19 Objectivity (Bumblefoot Solo)
Up until this time Bumblefoot was looked like overshadowed by cool appearance of Richard and the virtuoso Slash-lookalike DJ Ashba. It was his turn now, he sang one from his solo album with also playing guitar. A punk music, nice addition to make this show more colorful

20 “Indonesia Raya”
The moment that we will never forget. Bumblefoot really stole the show at this time. He played our national anthem with guitar only and the people like WOW!! No need to order, we step forwaRD to help him sing the lyrics altogether and what a moment that was! A lovely way to touch us and of course it became headlines on our national media the following day.

21 Don’t cry
What a haunting moment when the band performed this. The sing-along from the beginning with a slow tempo, plus the blue-lighting on the stage made this moment perhaps the top of the game on this show. I can see from other eyes around me that this song meant a lot to us, we sang it from our heart. I repeat, this is the top.

22 The Seeker
A pleasure to see GnR played this song. Catchy track from The Who, GnR as always made it their own. But I think Axl can sang it better. Not many people recognize the song except me and the few others. Towards the end of the song I presume that maybe this track is kind of resort for the band on their show, opportunity to make some rest especially Axl.

23 Civil War
I think this is when Axl was really on the height of his game that day. Incredible range, perfect screaming, he sang it so emotionally that people might think he is a victim of a real civil war. It was an epic, maybe only I.R.S (track from Chinese D,) who can stand side by side with Civil war in terms of theme and arrangement.

24 Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
I don’t need to explain how this song worked live eh? Another sing-along definitely. And Axl reached all the high notes, my god more than 2 hours and he is still able to cut it??

25 Nightrain
The closing song of the main chapter of this show. As an Appetite track, of course the crowds cheered it. But somehow I think the band can do it better or was it just me think the crowd didn’t enjoy the entire song. I thought it was maybe because the highlights of the who had preceded this song (“Sweet Child of Mine”, “November Rain”, “Don’t Cry”, “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”, “Civil War”) where the crowd at their feet and now become tired when Nightrain came on . Fortunately the last chorus when Axl screamed his lungs out and fantastic guitar interplays raised the bar again and the crowds jumping and screaming a lot.

26 Jam “Waiting on A Friend”.
Richard, Bumblefoot, and Dj Ashba came on to the stage with acoustic guitars after about 5-minutes”We want more” chants. Not many know, but after 1 minute the famous riff was played I already know that will they play. Funny moment when a string of audience in then back of us sang two Indonesian pop songs who surprisingly fit in with the acoustic jam.

27 Patience
Again I recalled when Axl struggled to sing this song on many occasions on You Tube (well, I’m YT freak_. But again he erased my doubt, from the whispering till the last chorus he sang it like a gentleman. And of course as I said earlier, it’s another sing-along (how many sing-along on this concert already happened?). Such a sweet performance, the three guitarists also played the harmony so gracefully.

28 Paradise City
Begun with a jam, this epic song really top off the show. We sang this anthem together with Axl, and then started jumping on our feet. The band show what they can do to fire this hole, and what a perfect song to end the show. The performance maybe wasn’t the same mega as with other concerts due to quick preparation, but We Love It!! It’s a fucking screamer.

After the show they appreciated us and then went backstage. So funny, they came back again and hugged in front of us and then in the end bowed out and leave. Axl still stood and greet us that we were very amazing, which we responded so enormously. He also took the chance to apologize for the postponing of the show and then throw the mike stand while smiling. Again he bowed us and then finally leave, left us who were still in another horizon can’t believe what we had just seen. A hell of a show. Paradise of course!!

My Review : OWL CITY Live in Jakarta November 14th 2012

Venue : Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
Audience : 2500 +
HIghlights : I’m Coming After You-Umbrella Beach, Fireflies, Shooting Star, Good Time, Gold

It’s quite unbelievable Owl City returned back here again after their last concert in the middle of 2011. With the same promoter and the same venue, Adam and the musicians again gave a very energetic and colorful show. The blending of electronic and real music instruments is something very unique and modern, at times I felt like was in a disco club or something. They also performed their new album’s songs in its entirety, a bold move that they rarely did in their shows but we enjoyed that as it is a no problem to us. (I checked their earlier set lists in other countries, they only played about a half or more from their new album).

My favorite song, Umbrella Beach, only played in its half as the sequence to I’m Coming After You. I was afraid that it was not going to be played but luckily I can hear it. Unfortunately, they didn’t play Galaxies, Alligator Sky, Vanilla Twilight which I also know but hey it is an electric show!

The audience cheered and clapped from the beginning to the end, even it was easy to notice that most of the audience didn’t know half of the songs 🙂 After all it was a party and the band appreciated us many times during and after the show.

The lights are quite simple but beautiful to watch. Somehow the variety of colors give new perspective to watch and listen to Owl City, especially since most of the songs quite similar to each other especially the trademark high-pitched voice by Adam. The audio was not bad although not special if I am honest. For the entire concert, it is like an adventure of music

Thank you Owl City, thank you Adam, please come back again


Dreams and Disasters
The Yacht Club
Cave In
The Tip of The Iceberg
Meteor Shower
I’m Coming After You – Umbrella Beach
Speed of Love
Seaboards (instrumental)
Designer Skyline
The Real World
Hello Seattle (remix)/Hello Seattle
Shooting Star
Deer in The Headlights
Take It All Away

Good Time (jumping! 🙂 )