My Top 10 : My Favorite Bon Jovi Songs

I love Bon Jovi when they ROCK!! That may give you insight about how my list below will look like.
Iam a fan of Bon Jovi especially during their hard rock years 80’s – mid 90’s when they rocked the world very hard, and of course Jon still possessed that high-pitched voice which sadly he lost during the 90’s.

Not that I am bashing their current musical style endeavors since “It’s My Life”, but these exploration – which is admirable for a band not just rely on old style – just not on my book. However some great songs are there, and a few I put onto this list.

And I am also not very fond with Bon Jovi ballads, those love songs that I think kind of alienated their old fans since “Runaway era”. To some extend I agree that those ballads are responsible for eradicating ‘hard rock’ from current Bon Jovi’s house. However there are so many my fellow Indonesians and other Asian countries that love those ballads. I noticed that so many disappointed after their Jakarta concert because the band did not play “Always”, “Bed of Roses”, “I’ll be There . I mean that Jakarta concert could be still successful if Bon Jovi’s set contain all ballads with only Prayer, Love a Bad Name, and It’s My Life as uptempo songs lol 😀

Still many consider this band as one of the biggest band today, selling arenas and stadiums all over the world. I remember when Bon Jovi cut his iconic glam metal long hair in early nineties, the CNN put that as their headline news lol :D. So nevermind their adventurous musical styles, I put out this list. Enjoy :)_

1. I’ll Sleep When I’m Death (Keep the Faith 1992)

I always think this song epitomizes all about Jon Bon Jovi’s life…an incredible hard-working person, perfectionist (which unfortunately Alex John Such and Ritchie Sambora couldn’t follow it any longer – as Jon admitted himself that no one must follow his work ethic 😦 ). It is a fun, feel-happy song, that you can shake your body through the song. Continue reading