Tele – Pangururan Road (Toba Lake, North Sumatra)

This very panoramic provincial road connecting Dolok Sanggul & Tele (Humbang Hasundutan District) to Pangururan (capital of Samosir District) is the only land road access from main Sumatra Island to Samosir Island which is located in the center of Toba Lake. The road strecthes to about 25 km from the upper mountain up to the lowest point right on the coastal side of Toba Lake The road is now appx. 4-5 m wide, which is an improvement to the early 00′ where it was only 2-3 m wide forced opposite vehicles from two ways to drive slowly. In that period the vehicle on the cliff side even had to stop to give chance to vehicle on the canyon side to move first. Now that is an old song, vehicles can pass comfortably. On this ascending side, the almost naked string of mountains siding Toba Lake can be seen (the unseen left side, under these mountains, is Toba Lake) Continue reading

Parapat – Tomok Ferry Ship Crossing Toba Lake

Ferry transport is not only utilised for crossing the sea or strait only. In Lake Toba it is also used for carrying the vehicles from either sides of the lake (Parapat/Ajibata to Tomok). Actually there are newer but smaller ferry crossings in Toba Lake, like from Tiga Ras to Simanindo and a small one from Tamba to Palipi. But Parapat – Tomok route is the most famous and possesses the most number of travels.

The Ferry Ship

Bon Voyage
Part 1 (66)
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Short Journey crossing South Toba Lake

During our family trip to Muara, North Sumatra (Toba Lake) for visiting our familiy’s marriage traditional party, we must reach the village by sailing through Toba Lake for about 15 minutes by a local ship. There was a pathway actually from the upside church but it is too sheer so the possible way to most people is crossing the lake

I captured some stills from this short trip, the wind is quite nice although locals said it was strong. Yeaa, I see quite unnatural wave (for lake standard) smashing the beachline but fortunately our ship can cross safely

Here they are


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Picture of Boats to cross Toba Lake in my Home Village

Those are the ships that daily serves country people from my home village (Sihotang) to cross the Toba Lake. The journey will take average 15 minutes (25 minutes in the evening) with capacity up to 20 people. Daily it usually take 5-10 people except during the weekly-market-day or if there is party or event held at either side of the land. It costs IDR 4000 for each cross so it is unbelievably cheap. The ship’s owner will usually employ a few country people to manage and drive the ship every day, that’s a good work.

You can find a lot of this type of water transportation in many villages around Toba Lake. A great short journey by ship I tell ya, what a brilliant view from the ship. I usually just stand above the flat ship, not prefer to sit down inside with other passengers.