Medan – Tebing Tinggi (Tanjung Morawa – Kuala Namu Int. Airport – Tebing Tinggi) Toll Road Project

Tanjung Morawa – Kuala Namu Int. Airport – Tebing Tinggi Toll Road is an ongoing Toll Project in North Sumatra, connecting Medan to Tebing Tinggi (hence it is common to mention it as Medan – Tebing Tinggi Toll Road). A tentative date hasn’t yet to be revealed but the target for the operation of this toll road for public is by the beginning of 2018.

Jalan Tol Tanjung Morawa – Kuala Namu Int. Airport – Tebing Tinggi adalah proyek jalan tol yang saat ini sedang dikerjakan di Propinsi Sumatra Utara, menghubungkan Medan dan Kota Tebing Tinggi (umumny orang lebih suka menyebut Jalan Tol Medan – Tebing Tinggi). Belum ada waktu tentatif/prediksi yang diumumkan namun target operasional jalan tol ke publik adalah pada awal tahun 2018.

The toll runs across Deli Serdang and Serdang Bedagai District, starts from the Belmera Toll Road (Belawan – Medan – Tanjung Morawa) 2 km before Tanjung Morawa Toll Gate, and ends just before the border of Tebing Tinggi City. There is a 5 km junction begins from the middle (Parbarakan) connects the main toll road with Kuala Namu International Airport. Look at map below
Map of Medan - Tebing Tinggi Toll Road


(To see pictures of current construction of interchanges, click here Progress Interchange of Medan – Tebing Tinggi Toll Road (March 2017)

1. Tanjung Morawa Interchange

The 0 km point of Medan – Tebing Tinggi, where this toll road starts from existing Belawan – Medan – Tanjung Morawa (Belmera) toll road, just 1 km before the last exit Tanjung Morawa Toll Gate. As it stands, the interchange construction isn’t started yet, still on land clearance phase.

2. Parbarakan Interchange

This interchange serves as the intersection with Kuala Namu International Airport Junction, located in Parbarakan, app. 10 km from Tanjung Morawa Interchange.

3. Paluh Kemiri Interchange & Toll Gate
This is the Interchange which is very close to RS Grand Medistra Overpass. In original map, it wasn’t clear where the end of this interchange and the Toll Gate will be. Later as the project progresses, it is now firm that the Toll Gate access is to the National Highway, just close to RS. Grand Medistra.
The interchange isn’t on the main Toll Road, instead it is on Kuala Namu International Airport Junction.

4. Lubuk Pakam Interchange & Toll Gate
This is the 1st Interchange from the Medan/Tanjung Morawa side, and as the name says, connects to Lubuk Pakam city. On the map it is clear that two Toll Gates connects to Lubuk Pakam city, the 1st Paluh Kemiri Gate is to the Western side / Government Area of Lubuk Pakam while the 2nd Lubuk Pakam is to the Eastern Side of Lubuk Pakam City.
Cars from Perbaungan City want to go to Medan are recommended to use this Toll Gate instead of Perbaungan, because it’s closer.

5. Perbaungan Interchange & Toll Gate

As I indicated above, Perbaungan Toll Gate is relatively far from the main city of Perbaungan. So for cars want to go to Tebing Tinggi or beyond (Pem. Siantar, Parapat, Kisaran) may use this toll gate (app. 10 to 15 minutes from Perbaungan city to the East, just follow the National Highway), but for those who want to go to Medan use Lubuk Pakam Toll Gate instead.
It is exactly located in Sei Sijenggi village, just 1-2 km after Bengkel village (a center of local traditional food and handcrafts courtesy of local people here). As of March 2017, the interchange is still on construction but the Toll Gate is on finishing stage.

6. Teluk Mengkudu Interchange & Toll Gate
This interchange distances around 45 km from Medan, serves as the exit to Teluk Mengkudu, Sialang Buah Beach, Firdaus Plantation and other plantations which are scattered around this point.

7. Rampah Interchange & Toll Gate
Rampah Interchange is the last interchange before the exit toll in Tebing Tinggi. It is located in Rampah, the capital city of Serdang Bedagai District, around 54 km from Medan. Around 1 km before Rampah city from Tebing Tinggi.

8. Tebing Tinggi Interchange & Toll Gate
Actually this interchange will serve as the beginning point of planned Kuala Tanjung – Tebing Tinggi – Pematang Siantar – Parapat Toll Road which is targeted to start construction by 2018. Vehicles will exit in Tebing Tinggi to the city, it is located around 1-2 km before the city border.


Overall, there are many overpasses along the toll road, but I just mention the ‘big’ ones here

1. Tanjung Morawa – Batang Kuis Artery Road Overpass
The first overpass, crossing Kuala Namu International Airport Access Road (Tanjung Morawa – Batang Kuis road). Construction is yet to begin, still on land clearance phase.

2. Tanjung Morawa Jalinsum – Suzuya Overpass
This is the second overpass of the Toll Road from Tanjung Morawa / Belmera side, crossing Eastern Sumatra National Highway.

3. Lubuk Pakam Jalinsum – RS. Grand Medistra Overpass
The third overpass which also crossing Eastern Sumatra National Highway, located exactly beside Grand Medistra Hospital. However it is not the main toll road, but the junction toll road to Kuala Namu International Airport, close to Parbarakan Interchange and Paluh Kemiri Exit Toll.