Treasuring North Sumatra Railway and Stations (KA Sumatra Utara & Aceh) : ex-Sunggal Railway Station in Klambir Lima Village

This is a former railway station located between Medan city and Binjai city, North Sumatra Province. The name is Sunggal Station
Ini adalah ex-stasiun kereta api yang terletak antara Kota Medan dan Kota Binjai. Namanya Stasiun Sunggal.,98.5898667,13z?hl=en

As it stands, the remaining building is unused and looks a bit shattered inside. However as a whole, the building is still intact and could meet future’s reparation and use. The paint is broken and dry, but the stamp of KAI company is still attached to the wall.
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Medan – Binjai Travelling with Commuter Train

Spending a lot of time dwelling with Indian old and hectic trains and Jakarta frustrating trains, it’s time to get down a bit with a train in my city.

Medan is my home town, the capital city of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. BInjai is the satellite city of Medan, located in the West of Medan about 10 km separating space between each border.

With the growing number of commuters from Binjai and around spending the daylight in Medan (working, studying, trading, shopping, etc) the Indonesian Railway Company (PT. KAI) finally decide to hit the market with the commuter train, using diesel fuel, by serving passengers between both city, that until that time, can only using land road to visit each city. I calculate about 17 km is the distance covered by Medan-Binjai train, connecting both cities downtown.

Named as Sri Lelawangsa, the train is comprised of 4 compartments with 1 locomotive. Short but it is make sense since the distance covered by the train will be less than 20 km. The advantage by using this train is that the train will carry the passengers into the heart of Medan City and Binjai too, so no need to take bus from the rural area to the downtown.

Medan - Binjai Commuter Train in Medan Railway Station (copyright Medan Magazine)

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