My experience with a website about learning prounounciation

I would like to share a link, where I have experienced good ways to learn and hear how to spell some complex or difficult ENglish words (please understand that I am just a common English student, no intention of promoting for other purpose)

the website is :

I was first used that during my first days in India where I was really struggling to adjust with the hectic English conversation I do have to be involved with, not to mention my mediocre English when I started to went overseas.

Enter the forvo website, I got really a big help in helping me to mitigate my limitation. Start from how to say “delighted”, “confused”, “conference”, “array”, the list went on increasing day by day. What makes it fun is that many words got a lot of native speaker’s pronunciation that we are going to able to learn from many people about how to say a particular word. On top of all that, audio is also quite clear, consider it is a free website, then what else should we expect? I am very thankful that my English improving step by step by using the facility on this website.

The website also provide facilities for spelling other languages as well, so it is a good journey.