Treasuring North Sumatra Railway and Stations (KA Sumatra Utara & Aceh) : ex-Sunggal Railway Station in Klambir Lima Village

This is a former railway station located between Medan city and Binjai city, North Sumatra Province. The name is Sunggal Station
Ini adalah ex-stasiun kereta api yang terletak antara Kota Medan dan Kota Binjai. Namanya Stasiun Sunggal.,98.5898667,13z?hl=en

As it stands, the remaining building is unused and looks a bit shattered inside. However as a whole, the building is still intact and could meet future’s reparation and use. The paint is broken and dry, but the stamp of KAI company is still attached to the wall.
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Treasuring North Sumatra Railway (KA Sumatra Utara & Aceh : Divre 1) – Pulo Brayan Railway Station

Still at the same time when I come to Belawan Railway Station, on a rainy afternoon I visited another old station, Pulo Brayan Railway Station. The station is reserved as a placeholder (Dipo) for trains in 1st Regional Division Indonesian Railway (Divre1) area. This station lies in between Medan downtown, Medan Railway Station, and Belawan Railway Station, the port city in the Northern area of Medan metropolitan.

Di waktu yang sama ketika saya mengunjungi Stasiun Kereta Api Belawan, siang yang hujan rintik-rintik, saya mengunjungi stasiun tua lainnya, Stasiun Kereta Api Pulo Brayan. Stasiun ini dipusatkan sebagai Dipo kereta api di area Divre 1 Kereta Api Indonesia. Stasiun ini terletak di jalur antara Kota Medan dengan Stasiun Belawan, dekat Pelabuhan Belawan yang ada di sebelah Utara Kota Medan.


The old station building is standing still. However due to inactivity on the station except for freight trains to Belawan Port, it is unused and looked more like a heritage building rather than an active operational station. The platform is quite spacey with some officers on standby. Train placeholder is located about 500 m in the northern side of the station.

Gedung stasiunnya masih ada dalam kedaaan baik. Namun karena jalur KA ini tidak aktif selain dari sejumlah KA barang menuju pelabuhan Belawan, gedung stasiun terlihat seperti sebuah bangunan peninggalan bersejarah dibanding gedung stasiun yang aktif. Bagian peron stasiun terlihat cukup luas dan ada sejumlah petugas KA yang standby. Dipo kereta terletak sekitar 500 meter sebelah Utara stasiun.

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