Gracias Iker Casillas

This summer transfer season 2015 might as well be remembered most as the time Iker Casillas left his boyhood club, his beloved place, the club where he built his career from the ground up and ascended until where he is today, Real Madrid. He is now joining Porto for two-years contract.

Most (or all, and that included Barca fans) non-Madridista will point out at the sole conference press held by Casillas in the room with slumbers blatantly fell from his eyes when he delivered his goodbye speech. Continue reading

Cristiano Ronaldo is Hot

Is there any argument on this? Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid and Portuguese star has been magnificent this year, 2013… His remarkable performances just never cease to amaze every football fans.. surely this his his year.

And that Sepp Blatter ranting about him just make him more inspired and fired goals after goals after goals. The last is the hattrick when Portugal finished Sweden aspiration for participating in World Cup 2014 in Brazil (as well as ended Ibrahimovich journey in World Cup, as many pundits and media compare him with CR7). Mind you, the World Cup play-off perhaps is the biggest Portugal match in the last 1,5 years…yet it is just another fine day for Cristiano Ronaldo, scored a hattrick in such an important match for the entire Portugal citizens and around the world.

So for Baloon D’ Or, sorry Messi, it is Cristiano Ronaldo time for me.
Poor Messi, hope he’s recovering well. I will watch their diggings again in 2014, especially in World Cup 2014