Newcastle United Is Doing Well in Transfer – Rafa Benitez effect 2016

“Rafalution” seems to take its ride smoothly over the last one month for the recently-relegated Tyneside club, Newcastle United. 8 players are now accounted as Newcastle players after Rafa Benitez wasted no time to strength his squad and projected for a successful first-attempt to promote back to English Premier League

Hopefully those lads will settle down quickly and show what they got under their sleeves to all the Newcastle faithfuls out there 🙂

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LINK : Sir Bobby Robson National Football Day – Timeline Photos (Daily Mail UK)

To embrace the precious legacy of Sir Bobby Robson, Football Association (FA) has dedicated a day (August 10th) to become Sir Bobby Robson National Football Day.

Indeed it was today. I would like to share a nice link from Daily Mail which provide a kind of timeline photos from Sir Bobby Robson career, as player and as coach.

Here’s the link. Take a tour on it 🙂

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