Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame : Who Inducted Who? (List Recap of all RRHoF Inductees and who present/induct them on the ceremony)

Well you can easily get the list of inducteed artists/musicians in the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame along the years since its first inception back in 1986.

BUT don’t you wanna know who inducted and introduced them in the annual RnRHOF ceremony?
It is interesting, typically the young musician who are inspired by the inducted artist comes to the stage to pay tribute and welcome his/her/their hero into the Hall.

And to see how they introduce, praise, screams w
However it is not uncommon to have close friends of the inductee, or even ‘senior’ to induct them on the stage.

    Note :

Most of the names here (first ones) for each year fall into PERFORMER CATEGORY. Besides, we have non-performer category(producer, labels, manager, etc) – now it’s called Ahmed Ertegun Award, and early influences category (musician came from the very early as 1920-30′-40’s which predate rock’n roll) 


CHUCK BERRY : Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)
BUDDY HOLLY : John Fogerty (CCR)
JERRY LEE LEWIS : Hank Williams Jr
ELVIS PRESLEY : Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon (sons of late John Lennon who is a very big fan of Elvis)
ROBERT JOHNSON (early influences category)

SAM PHILLIPS (non performers category)
ALAN FREED Scott Muney and Norm Nite (non performers category)
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Ace Frehley inspired so many guitarists to pick up and play guitar!!! Really? YEa, check this out..

Ace Frehley inspired zillion guitarists…. he is reason why so many young generation of guitarists pick up the instrument…. so many 80’s and 90’s cited Ace as their influence… How many times have you read of that?

As an Ace Frehley big fan, it is a joy for me (who just a casual fan, not a musician) to find out how far influences of The Spaceman guitar playing has extended to other rock guitarists especially on the 80’s and 90’s. Unfortunately I could not find out readings about how those guitarists mentioning Ace as their heroes during those periods, except videos on You Tube. So I decided to begin a web research, ‘mining’ from many websites and You Tube Videos to observe the proofs of guitarists who has Ace Frehley “The Spaceman” as one of their major guitar hero, as the reason why they start to play guitar. Continue reading