My Top 10 : Favorite Rock Guitar Solos

And here is my top 10, my most favorite guitar solos.
Not bordered by time or musicians, it’s all about rock’n roll.
Feel free to share me yours 🙂

They are not in order
1. OZZY OSBOURNE : Crazy Train
Rest in Peace Randy Rhoads, he killed the guitar on this

2. PINK FLOYD Comfortably Numb
Courtesy of David Gilmour,truly beautiful guitar solos. To me they’re the best

3. EUROPE : The Final Countdown
I think John Norum guitar solo really saves the song from an utter creepy cheesy eighties pop. Just fantastic fingers

4. NIGHT RANGER : You Can Still (Rock in America)
The double guitar solos by Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson are hot and thunderous. Need I to say more?

5. DEEP PURPLE : Highway Star
RItchie Blackmore built this solo with inspiration come from Beethoven classical music. The guitar solo is so inredible and very attached to the song that it will be wrong to change it even in concerts.

6. GUNS N ROSES Estranged
Nobody can beat Slash when talking about metal blues guitar. And he really put the nail in the coffin on this song. I will never be able to get those bluesy guitar licks and solos out of my mind.

The triple-guitar-solos by Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, and Steve Gaines. What more can you expected? It’s an epic ‘classic rock’ song, begin with ballad and then ultimately exploded into full high voltage rock topped by that three concurrent guitar solos.

8. KISS 100.000 years
Ace Frehley is my ultimate guitar hero. Arguably, his guitar solos that made KISS catalogue very interesting, Rock’n roll All Night in Alive! was a true testament to this (the album version without the solo was a mess). However, I will go for 100.000 years, he put a tremendous, adventorous, very unique something I never heard. He just bending on one two notes and keep it interesting during the key changes. A genius solo

9. OASIS : Live Forever
Simple but memorable. Noel Gallagher is not known as virtuoso, but he cleverly put melodic guitar lines sound in rhyme with the verses and the chorus of this great song, that’s it. And I love it.

10.VAN HALEN : Dreams
This list will mean nothing but rubbish without Eddie Van Halen, perhaps the most inspiring guitarist with Jimi Hendrix. Among all the incredible solos his fingers have created, I really love the melodic and arpeggio riff and solo in Dreams (remember I’m not putting instrumentals on this list)