My Top 10 : Favorite Movies

I limit my list into the movies that I can watch in the cinema in South East Asia, and also coming from post 1984-era, the year I was born. Oh yeah, I didn’t write any comedy movie as I would carry them into a different list.
The list is not in order

1. Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl
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Johny Depp’s elegant performance is out of this world. But the entire aspects of this movie are fantastic that one may forget that the story is based solely on a Disney’s fairy tale. I just simply get drowned into the wave of fascinating scenes, great acting performances, lovely scripts, brilliant effects that only Hollywood may could do.

2. Pride and Prejudice
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I really fall in love with this love story. The old-age theme is really depicted beautifully in the entire scenes, also with the dance-opera gestures ala classical European kingdoms. But it was the main actors that caught my attention a lot, I mean they can show love and affection truthfully without any needs to show kiss scenes or something, just the story itself. Yes, USA-version added the kiss scene in the end (shamefully, I think it was unnecessary) but nevertheless this is my favorite love-story movie, far above Titanic and Twilight.

3. Children of Men
A very difficult job to portray a sci-fi theme about the end of the world combined with drama and ‘normal’ action scenes (body-fighting. shooting, and chasing), but this movie is a blinder. The director made decent job to amaze me and other audience with those skillfully wonderful visualization and technical futuristic actions along with the touching drama. I love the moment when the crying baby-birth suddenly shut down all the gunshots with the soldiers gratefully gave way to Theo and the women out of the building. And the last scene after Theo gave it all to save the woman into the boat, watching the rescue ship on smoke, and finally fell down (die?) sums up the story. Hope and faith inside the despair.

4. Dances With Wolves
It is the very first movie that made me evoke my tears and angry in the same space. The seamless way of a frustrated soldier that got symphaty with the native Sioux people that his army are fighting with. I will never forget the moment when John Dunbar (Kevin Costner) were mourning to the loss his best friends, Cisco and Two Socks (horse and wolf respectively) killed by armies, his counterparts. The chemistry between Dunbar and the Sioux people is the focal point of this movie, bringing a lot of lessons to learn. History, friendship, faithful, brotherhood, and protecting the identity of a country. My 90’s life was perfect with this movie.

5. James Bond : The Spy Who Loved Me
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I am a big fan of James Bond 007 franchise. Among all the 007 films, I love this Roger Moore’s the most. IMO the storyline depict the blueprint of all Bond movies, it has all the factors about James Bond. Film is easy to watch, good but not overexerting gadgets, insane enemies, great villain’s hangout, 007 playboy skill, and also perhaps the funniest Bond movie with of course Sir Roger Moore. His banters/quotes and face language are top of the game.

6. Jurassic Park
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I remember when I was young lease video cassettes with my father to watch movies. This movie is the one of them and I got fascinated by how this dinosaurs movie pleased my fantasy-adventure affection. There is drama inside an adverse circumstances, how the family struggled to save their lives. And yes, the most interested things is most of the allies and the villains are dinosaurs, they are part of the movie and not static mercenaries.

7. The Kingdom
It is truly a political-action drama but I love the story. The film gives insight to a difficult diplomatic and bureaucratic tension during the era of terrorism. But what I really love is the relationship between the characters esp. Americans and the Arabs which at first were clumsy and tense (showed by the frustration of FBI team for the lack of cooperation), but as time went on they getting closer and finally understand to each other. The action was intense but it was the death of Arab officer that took a tear from my eye, the Americans looked very shocking and it was described on the last minutes of the film, despite the mission is a success but the vibe show a mourning land, grieving, and desperation. In the end, nobody wins.

8. Saving Private Ryan
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Enter new trend in war films toward the end of 20th century, where there is no more opposite poles, no more good guys and the bastard enemies. Everyone is lost by a bloody war, nobody wins. A drama of a rescue team to save a young soldier boy named Ryan, the sole child in a family after his older brothers dead in war. A great chemistry and conflict within the rescue team are also depicted nicely inside a combat circumstances. Due to strategy and Ryan’s stone-head, he saw the team lost many of his members including the commander. The film ends with old Ryan paid respects to his rescue team’s graves.

9. SpiderMan
I really love this very different face-to-face with other superhero movies like Superman, Batman, Captain America, Lara Croft. Toby comes across as a fragile, unconvincing, prone, guy who suddenly got lucky to become Spiderman. But even the wonderful gift doesn’t help his cause as he become more volatile and unstable / confusing, even sacrificed the life of his beloved uncle due to his unwillingness to use his power. The story is very natural, everything apart from action scene, inside the film we can find in the flesh except . To me, the drama and the character exposure are the main points of the movie than the action scene, which is unlikely to find in another super hero movies mind you.

First I love the historical movies. Yes there are a lot of change on the scenario, but it was the superb acting from the main actors that send the shivers to my skin. I can feel pure emotion through the everlasting conflicts, not to mention the fantastic colossal war / action scenes. The fighting between Achilles and Hector is always be one of the best fighting moment all the time, very tense and heartening, along with Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris.