My 2016-2017 European Leagues All-Star Team Formation

The 2016-2017 European Leagues seasons are over. I now want to compile all the best players in their respective positions among all European clubs

As you can see, Cristiano and Lionel Messi are on the list. They are still two of the best footballers that can play to their highest level this season, so it won’t make sense to leave out one or even two of them.

I choose formation 4-3-3 as this formation is perhaps the most popular, the formation that brought Madrid to triumph, Juve to clinch Serie-A title, and formation used by many big teams. With 4-3-3 there is no prominent wingers on my midfield, responsibilities were in the hands of the fullbacks that will inject the power on pitch’s sides. The strikers are also mostly operated from the wings too, so all areas are covered.

Coach : Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Who else? Should I explain this?

Goalkeeper : Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)
No doubt this is the best season he has in his entire football career. Saves after saves games after games, he delivered such astonishing performances that steer Real Madrid into one of their best season. Great in the air, great in one and one, great reflex, what else? Let’s be honest, the Real Madrid defense weren’t really good. It wasn’t really bad, but it was pedestrian compared to Juve’s defense for example. Even Ramos, Marcelo, and Carvajal are more popular for their attacking than their defense (remember Messi outplayed most of them during last El Classico?) So Keylor Navas has become the unsung hero, the wall that hinder Madrid’s opponents to score goals.

Central Defender 1 : Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
Juventus defensive line is arguably the best of the season. Look at their statistic, especially Champions League with only 3 goals at their hands. Difficult to pick one among those living warriors, but Chiellini is on my book, has become a shield, a wall who always wanted to fight getting the ball back from opponents, never let anybody pass him easily. One might say they stumbled the block on Champions League but one must not forget the entire season where their defense were unbreakable.
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My Comparison between English Premier League and Spanish Primera League

As an European Football fan, of course as with many other fans around world, I think that both of EPL and La Liga stand out as two of the best football league in the Europe continent (automatically become the best in the world in terms of quality and popularity)

Of course everybody has their own cup of tea of the best. To me La Liga cannot hold a candle to EPL because of those reasons below (please note that I am only another football fan from Asia which do not have a space to research or verify all the things about both of this football leagues, this is just simply an opinion from a common fan)

1. First is simple, the key word is diversity. How many clubs have won the league title over the last 10 years, 20 years? And how many clubs got the 2nd place?

2. I don’t know why but it is always visible that

    most of the ‘other’

La Liga clubs have already throw the towel in the first 10 or 20 minutes of the game against either Barcelona or Real Madrid.

3. Half of the season we can easily predict who will compete for the La Liga title, and the rest of the positions become unimportant except for each club’s fans. While in EPL usually there will be 3-4 teams to the cup with 1 or 2 sniffing around. But unlike its counterpart, EPL is also show great competitiveness for Champions League spot, Top 10 place, and surprisingly the relegation battle. Towards the end it is dice that low positioned club can beat top 5 teams because they are fighting for not to be relegated.

4. Can you mention 20 players from other La liga Clubs easily excluding Barca and Madrid? In EPL somehow it’s easy, and yes the comentator and media played a big part in ‘publishing’ players from the clubs that are not even on the Top 10.

5. The level of competition in EPL is very HIGH. Don’t underestimate lower clubs, they can bring nightmare and this happens often (eh, how many times do you hear a lower club beat Barca or Madrid? No it should be a party of goal for both clubs)

6. In EPL most of the games end at 90th minute (regardless of extra time) while in La Liga there are many games I have watched had already stopped de-facto if an opponent has won with 2 or 3 or more goals gap.