It’s official : United Kingdom leave European Union (EU)

Today, June 23rd of 2016, marks a new chapter in the life of United Kingdom reign. All people from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England step their feet into the place to participate in referendum of whether UK shall leave European Union (EU) or not.

The result is very tight. But it comes in Brexit’s favor, who wants UK as a ‘real sovereign’ nation and leave that EU ‘organization’ for good. As narrow as it is, this suddenly give impacts. Poundsterling floored on its highest depreciation 31 years since 1985, so did UK’s Stock Exchange value.
However, this result come as a joy to more than 50% UK people, in which the UKIP (UK Independence Party), Nigel Farage, proudly state this day as UK Independence day.

More to come as the aftermath of this referendum. We of course will steadily watching the news over UK politics in the next weeks to come 🙂

picture source : BBC News