My Review : OWL CITY Live in Jakarta November 14th 2012

Venue : Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
Audience : 2500 +
HIghlights : I’m Coming After You-Umbrella Beach, Fireflies, Shooting Star, Good Time, Gold

It’s quite unbelievable Owl City returned back here again after their last concert in the middle of 2011. With the same promoter and the same venue, Adam and the musicians again gave a very energetic and colorful show. The blending of electronic and real music instruments is something very unique and modern, at times I felt like was in a disco club or something. They also performed their new album’s songs in its entirety, a bold move that they rarely did in their shows but we enjoyed that as it is a no problem to us. (I checked their earlier set lists in other countries, they only played about a half or more from their new album).

My favorite song, Umbrella Beach, only played in its half as the sequence to I’m Coming After You. I was afraid that it was not going to be played but luckily I can hear it. Unfortunately, they didn’t play Galaxies, Alligator Sky, Vanilla Twilight which I also know but hey it is an electric show!

The audience cheered and clapped from the beginning to the end, even it was easy to notice that most of the audience didn’t know half of the songs 🙂 After all it was a party and the band appreciated us many times during and after the show.

The lights are quite simple but beautiful to watch. Somehow the variety of colors give new perspective to watch and listen to Owl City, especially since most of the songs quite similar to each other especially the trademark high-pitched voice by Adam. The audio was not bad although not special if I am honest. For the entire concert, it is like an adventure of music

Thank you Owl City, thank you Adam, please come back again


Dreams and Disasters
The Yacht Club
Cave In
The Tip of The Iceberg
Meteor Shower
I’m Coming After You – Umbrella Beach
Speed of Love
Seaboards (instrumental)
Designer Skyline
The Real World
Hello Seattle (remix)/Hello Seattle
Shooting Star
Deer in The Headlights
Take It All Away

Good Time (jumping! 🙂 )