My Top 10 : Indonesian Love Songs Favorit Sepanjang Masa

Tema cinta adalah makanan pokok bagi para penggubah lagu / musisi baik di Indonesia maupun di tempat2 lainnya di belahan bumi ini. Ini karena ‘love song’ memiliki karakter universal, dapat dengan mudah diterima berbagai kalangan baik tua dan muda, serta setidaknya pernah dirasakan oleh setiap orang dalam perjalanan hidup masing2 πŸ™‚

Berikut ini lagu-lagu cinta favorit saya, yang menurutku adalah karya yang indah dan menyentuh perasaan banget, baik dari segi lirik, melodi, maupun aransemen musik. Please enjoy, monggo kalo ada selera yang berbeda, silakan di-share di kolom komen. Oh ya, List ini tidak disusun secara berurutan, jadi urutannya ga ada patokan. En please, jangan tanya ya dimana Peterpan “Ada Apa Denganmu”, ST12 “Jangan Pernah Berubah”, atau Wali “Cari Jodoh”:D

Semoga berkenan πŸ™‚


1. KLa Project : Tak Bisa Ke Lain Hati

Hayo, masa ga pernah dengar frase “aku tak bisa pindah ke lain hati”? Terima kasih pada KLa Project yg mempopulerkan lagu ini dengan potongan lirikny yang puitis sekaligu memorable itu. Bercerita tentang kesetiaan hati seseorang….ah, bisa ngerti sendiri kan isi lirik lagu puitis ini πŸ™‚
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My TOP 10 : The Best Love Songs

Okay, I’m not referring to everlasting love songs album contains material from George Benson, Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, or anything you usually find from those kind of records. These are the love songs that can make me feel about love and the meaning inside. Some may seem unfamiliar to you if you are a ballad lovers, but that’s just how I review and love a love song.

1. THE BEATLES Here There And Everywhere
Only Paul McCartney can create a masterpiece love song like this. Maybe the best love song ever? I love you here, there, and everywhere…very romantic, isn’t it? It’s not a silly lyric like Bon Jovi style, instead it is a pure hearty passionate lyric and song. The chord progression is very difficult to learn, but that’s what made this song so exceptional. Granted you’ll fall in love with this song at the first shot.

2. JAMES BLUNT You’re Beautiful
A very deep lyric by James Blunt, he sang it with his Britain-style voice. About an admiration of a girl who a man could never have by his side. Desperation? No, it is just a voice from the heart and we can find this reality everywhere all over the world. Love have not to be about having someone beside us.

3. CELINE DION It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
It’s hard to choose Celine Dion because she has performed many emotional and everlasting love songs like Immortality, My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, etc. But ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’ has the most livable melody in my head and she sang it very graciously and full of emotion. Like a magnet.

4. TAKE THAT Back For Good
This is Gary Barlow’s masterpiece, and who people that live around 90’s didn’t know this song? Accompanied by a rainy day video, Take That voice a desire about a man who wants his forever love to come back and stay with him for good, after he made mistakes before. A great proposal for a man who has broken his girlfriend’s heart.

5. BOYZONE Key to My Life
R.I.P. Stephen Gatley. He sang the first verse of this nice love song. There are 3 main factors that made me really love this song, the vocals, melody, and the lyrics. Using of word ‘key’ is really perfect, and Boyzone sing it wonderfully that I can’t get this song out of my head when thinking about love and relationship.

Only needs to look at the title to know what is this song about. We can get to know how it feels without someone we love. But there is a sad and ironic story behind this song. Originally created by Pete Ham and Tome Evans (BadFinger, band where they were playing), both of the writers committed suicide in a 7 years gap. Pete hanging himself in his garage because he couldn’t live a difficult life at that time and his mate Tome Evans could not live without his best friend Pete, resulting in him also hanging himself by a willow tree. Those real stories related perfectly with the lyric of this very famous love songs. Many lovers of this song and even Whitney Houston didn’t know who created the song and what story was left by the original writers.

7. FIREHOUSE When I Look Into Your Eyes
In the height of slow rock / rock ballad era, this song is perhaps the most beautiful love song from rock music. A very nice lyric and C.J. Snare with his incredible voice range scream it so passionately. Doesn’t need to be a rock fans to love this song. The chorus with higher key at the end of this song never cease to amaze and make me shivering.

8. BRITNEY SPEARS : Sometimes 1998
It is a very sentimental yet happy song from the β€˜was’ beautiful singer Britney Spears. It colored my Junior High School Days, and even now the theme and melody are still relevant with my life. The melody, it is absolutely the best among all of Britney Spears. Don’t start me by comparing this song to her later music career which to me are nonsense. I always love her when hearing this song in eternal.

9. JOURNEY Open Arms
You only need to hear Steve Perry’s tremendous voice to understand how lovely this song is.

10.TRAIN Marry Me
And what a perfect end to my list. Perhaps the most anticipated words in all love stories, Train transformed this sacred proposal into a tender and beautiful love songs.