Kompilasi foto Kendaraan berat (Gol III – Gol V) yang melintasi Jalan Tol Medan – Kuala Namu – Tebing Tinggi (Tol MKTT) – diambil di hari dan tempat yg beda2 :)

1. Jumlah kendaraan besar Gol III – Gol V yang menggunakan Jalan Tol baru ini belum terlalu banyak sih, apalagi kondisi Jalinsum Medan – Perbaungan yang sangat baik, lebar 2*2 lajur, paling Perbaungan – Tebing Tinggi yg sempit 1*2..
Kalau kendaraan pribadi Gol 1 sih sudah lumayan banyak yang menggunakan tol baru ini, terutama dari/ke Medan tujuan Bandara dan Kota Lubuk Pakam
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Lomba Menulis Kementrian Desa

Untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan tentang dana desa, serta mempertinggi dukungan kepada kemandirian desa dalam memanfaatkan dana desa, maka diselenggarakan Lomba Penulisan Dana Desa.

Maksud dan Tujuan
Maksud diselenggarakannya Lomba Penulisan Dana Desa ialah meningkatkan dukungan terhadap desa dalam memanfaatkan dana desa untuk mencapai kemandirian desa.

Tujuan diselenggarakannya Lomba Penulisan Dana Desa ialah:

Menggali proses pemanfaatan dana desa di lapangan.
Memahami manfaat dan dampak dana desa di lapangan
Memahami partisipasi masyarakat dan kapasitas pemerintah desa dalam memanfaatkan dana desa
Memahami dukungan antarpihak dalam pemanfaatan dana desa
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Practice for Chapter 6 Class Test – 14 Questions

Practice for Chapter 6 Class Test – 14 Questions

  1. Technology that allows Internet to carry voice data when making phone calls   a. POS b. VOIP c. CGI d. MIDI e. GIS

2. IT is used to help in creating map, representing soil / land / sea / earth surface / climate. What is the name of the technology?                                                                                               a. POS         b. VOIP          c. CGI             d. MIDI               e. GIS

3. IT technology that is used in supermarket / department store to help payment called:           a. POS       b. VOIP           c. CGI            d. MIDI              e. GIS

4. IT technology can be used in banking for payroll, so after computer calculate a worker’s salary, it will automatically transfer the funds to his / her bank account. What is the name of the technology?
a. Automated Teller Machine
b. Debit cards
c. Electronic Funds Transfer
d. Secure Transfer
e. Telephone Banking Transfer

5. There are four parts of a medical expert system, except:
a. Knowledge base
b. Inference Engine
c. Calculating system
d. Human-Computer Interface
e. Rule Base

6.These are samples of Expert System, except
a. Diagnostic System to help doctor get all required knowledge about patient’s health
b. Mineral prospecting can help miners to predict how many an area contain particular mineral materials
c. Car engine fault diagnosis can help find problems on a car during service
d. Travel applications used by travel agents to book air/sea tickets
e. Chess computers, in which human can play against computer

7. When you are visiting websites, they usually write a small file into your computer’s hard drive, with or without your knowledge. This could impact future’s browsing activities, like computer will know your preferences when visiting that web, help navigations, automatically filled column or forms after 1st time use like username, etc. What is the name of the file?
a. Cookies
b. Log files
c. GIS
d. Key-logging
e. Virus

8. A book in library will always have an identification number consist of 13 digits, so computer can identify the book uniquely and track if the book is available or being borrowed. What is the term for that number?
a. Cookies
b. Key-logging
c. Book ID
d. SMS

9. Technology which is used in film industry to create sophisticated or imaginary images:      a. ISBN             b. CGI              c. POS                d. MIDI              e. VOIP

10. The technology which is used to connect computers and electronic musical instruments is called
a. ISBN         b. CGI            c. POS             d. MIDI             e. GIS

11. Google product that you can use to create simple web page is:
a. Google Drive     b. Gmail c. Google Store      d. Google Site    e. Classroom

12. What is difference between flyer and poster?

a. Flyer contains more text than poster
b. Poster contains more text than flyer
c. Flyer contains more images than poster
d. Poster contains more images than flyer
e. Flyer’s size is bigger than poster

13. Usually schools, universities, organizations regularly (weekly / monthly) created …… to deliver information and news / photos to students, parents, or members.                 a.  Flyer               b. Poster   c. Newsletter                d. SMS            e. Survey

14. What option below is wrong about analogue and digital data?
a. Binary data is based on binary numbers (0 and 1)
b. Analogue data usually associated with audio or video signals that can vary continuously
c. All natural signals like human voice, animal sounds, notes from music instruments are analogue
d. Computer can only process analogue data
e. Notes from music computer, voices from human are animals must be converted first, so computer can process them after conversion

My Take on how Indonesia is chasing Malaysia, not the other way round

I answered a question on Quora about this topic, I put my answer on Quora into my blog as well

Many well-written answers have been provided, so I’ll just make it up here and there at some points according to my perspective

    From a general point of view, I always say that it is INJUSTICE to compare Indonesia and Malaysia comprehensively, because the difference in area size and population number are very huge. However I’ll put this fact aside and continue my comments below

    Yes, let’s make it clear, British are ‘better’ colonialist than Dutch. Especially in legacy. Say, education, law and political system, infrastructure, town and village facilities. I think we have many sources for this.

    In Indonesia, we are VERY PROUD with the fact that we FOUGHT for our independence with flesh and blood sacrifice. Thus why some of us sort of underestimating other country’s independence which were results of ‘peaceful’ negotiation like Malaysia, India, etc.
    But in retrospective, Malaysia especially gained a lot from relatively ‘smooth’ transition from colonialism and protectorates → Independence country. We just need to see one war, Surabaya 10th of November, how British troop (yes British, not Dutch, we murdered high-level British General prior to the war in October 1945) almost 100% destroyed the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia, which we remember as our National Hero Day. And we have SO MANY wars all over our huge archipelago
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My Top 10 : Best Hard Rock Song

1. NIGHT RANGER : You Can Still Rock in America
There is no other passionate anthem I’ve ever heard that can top or replicate this song. It has everything required to be a top hard rock song, majestic solo guitars, the powerful vocals, great keyboard intro, big chorus, and the driving lyrics. “You can still rock in America, oh yeah, alright!”

2. DEEP PURPLE : Highway Star
A song born by a simple jam, the power is so strong that one might want to quickly go the road and drive his 55 or Ferrari as fast as he could.
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My 2016-2017 European Leagues All-Star Team Formation

The 2016-2017 European Leagues seasons are over. I now want to compile all the best players in their respective positions among all European clubs

As you can see, Cristiano and Lionel Messi are on the list. They are still two of the best footballers that can play to their highest level this season, so it won’t make sense to leave out one or even two of them.

I choose formation 4-3-3 as this formation is perhaps the most popular, the formation that brought Madrid to triumph, Juve to clinch Serie-A title, and formation used by many big teams. With 4-3-3 there is no prominent wingers on my midfield, responsibilities were in the hands of the fullbacks that will inject the power on pitch’s sides. The strikers are also mostly operated from the wings too, so all areas are covered.

Coach : Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Who else? Should I explain this?

Goalkeeper : Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)
No doubt this is the best season he has in his entire football career. Saves after saves games after games, he delivered such astonishing performances that steer Real Madrid into one of their best season. Great in the air, great in one and one, great reflex, what else? Let’s be honest, the Real Madrid defense weren’t really good. It wasn’t really bad, but it was pedestrian compared to Juve’s defense for example. Even Ramos, Marcelo, and Carvajal are more popular for their attacking than their defense (remember Messi outplayed most of them during last El Classico?) So Keylor Navas has become the unsung hero, the wall that hinder Madrid’s opponents to score goals.

Central Defender 1 : Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
Juventus defensive line is arguably the best of the season. Look at their statistic, especially Champions League with only 3 goals at their hands. Difficult to pick one among those living warriors, but Chiellini is on my book, has become a shield, a wall who always wanted to fight getting the ball back from opponents, never let anybody pass him easily. One might say they stumbled the block on Champions League but one must not forget the entire season where their defense were unbreakable.
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Survey Result of using Facebook Smileys

Remember one or two years ago when we MUST go to other websites to put smileys on our Facebook posts?
First we have to make sure the cursor is in our post/comment. Then open the external website, see the list of smileys, then click it to insert it into our Facebook post/comment.

Now it’s a legacy. Facebook has ‘installed’ the smileys onto the Facebook posts/comments, thus we can just type our post and click the smiley sign under the comment tab to pick and insert our lovely smiley into the post/comment.

Recently, Mark Zuckelberg co. had conducted a research over the use of smileys among all Facebook users. Not surprised, “Love” and “Laugh” smileys are among the forefront contestants, the mostly used. Here is the result 🙂
(photos courtesy of Facebook)

Goodbye 7-Eleven Indonesia

Banyak analisis…ikutan ah 🙂
Semua orang sepakat sepertinya, alasan utama “besar pasak daripada tiang”. But I try to elaborate some:
1. Lokasi premium : lokasi Sevel terutama di Jakarta yang kebanyakan di daerah rame/pusat kota/pinggir jalan besar/persimpangan, tentu biaya sewa dsb pasti sangat mahal, tentu harus diimbangi jualan yang laris. Belum lagi space yang terpakai karena harus ada tempat nongkrong, makin mahal lah biaya sewa. Tapi kekny penjualan produkny ga gila2an banget jadi ga imbang ama operational cost
2. Produk makanan fast food yang kebanyakan enggak laku, padahal biaya produksiny itu pasti gede kali. Berapa bnyk orang sanggup beli nasi goreng atau spaghetti sebungkus di atas Rp 22.000? Indomaret Point di atas jam 8 malam, fast food ny langsung diskon 50% biar tetep terjual. Sevel ga gitu, ya terbuang jadinya atau dikonsumsi sendiri..

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