Information of Terminal 1,2,3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with the Flights/Airlines

After the completion of Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Tangerang Indonesia (Jakarta), there are some reshuffles of flight airline operating zone in this airport.

Here is the current map of the airport
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And here is the deployment of flight airlines in SHIA as per August 2016. Usually in the ticket, your terminal destination will be printed, however most of the time this information is needed especially when you are using SHIA as transit airport 🙂

Terminal 1 

Terminal 1A : Lion Air (Domestic Flights to  Kalimantan, East Indonesia ,Sulawesi, Papua, Bengkulu, Jambi,Tanjung pinang,Pangkal Pinang),Wings Air.

Terminal 1B : Lion Air (Domestic Flights to Sumatra), Express Air.

Terminal 1C : Batik Air, Citilink, Trigana Air, Kalstar.

Terminal 2 

Terminal 2D : Lion Air (International Flight), Air China, All Nippon Airways,Batavia Air,Cathay Facific,Cebu Facific,China Airlines,China Southren Airways,Emirates,Eva Air,Japan Airlines,Jetstar,Kuwait Ailines,Lufthansa,Malaysia Airlines,Philipine Airlines,Qantas,Qatar Airways,Saudi Arabian Airlines,Singapore Airlines,Thai Airways Internasional,Tiger Airways,Turkish Airlines,Yemenia,Valuair.

Terminal 2E : Air Asia *International Flight), Garuda Indonesia (Internasional Flight),Etihad,KLM Royal Dutch Airlines,Korean Air,Royal Brunei.

Terminal 2F : Air Asia (All Domestic/Indonesian Flights), Sriwijaya Air, NAM Air.

Terminal 3 ULTIMATE 

This terminal is for all Domestic Flights operated by Garuda Indonesia (GA) Airline.


Newcastle United Is Doing Well in Transfer – Rafa Benitez effect 2016

“Rafalution” seems to take its ride smoothly over the last one month for the recently-relegated Tyneside club, Newcastle United. 8 players are now accounted as Newcastle players after Rafa Benitez wasted no time to strength his squad and projected for a successful first-attempt to promote back to English Premier League

Hopefully those lads will settle down quickly and show what they got under their sleeves to all the Newcastle faithfuls out there 🙂

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Sad to see Messi Announced his Retirement after Failure in Copa America 2017 Final

I don’t know how to say properly…but you just do not need to be Argentina fan or Barca fan to feel Messi’s sadness, broken heart, after again miserably fail to bring the trophy to the Tango’s team, to his native country Argentina.

Chile beat Argentina in Copa America 2017, again from penalty shootout. And what made it worse, Lionel Messi’s skyrocketing his penalty, far from misfortune or miskick. It is just strange to see the current best footballer on this planet converted his penalty like that.

But what matters is, the bitter sadness he felt after kicking that penalty and after Chile confirmed their title with their fifth penalty taker successfully made Romero moved the wrong way and netting the penalty. It is just horrible, beyond my reach to see Messi’s crying, and ultimately announced his retirement from national team (although many of his compatriots, including from Chile, said that his latest statement are just instant product of emotion and grieving and not to be taken seriously)

Seeing him crying, I just wish he get ONE trophy for his country, just like he did so many countless times with Blaugrana Barcelona.

It’s official : United Kingdom leave European Union (EU)

Today, June 23rd of 2016, marks a new chapter in the life of United Kingdom reign. All people from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England step their feet into the place to participate in referendum of whether UK shall leave European Union (EU) or not.

The result is very tight. But it comes in Brexit’s favor, who wants UK as a ‘real sovereign’ nation and leave that EU ‘organization’ for good. As narrow as it is, this suddenly give impacts. Poundsterling floored on its highest depreciation 31 years since 1985, so did UK’s Stock Exchange value.
However, this result come as a joy to more than 50% UK people, in which the UKIP (UK Independence Party), Nigel Farage, proudly state this day as UK Independence day.

More to come as the aftermath of this referendum. We of course will steadily watching the news over UK politics in the next weeks to come 🙂

picture source : BBC News

Gracias Iker Casillas

This summer transfer season 2015 might as well be remembered most as the time Iker Casillas left his boyhood club, his beloved place, the club where he built his career from the ground up and ascended until where he is today, Real Madrid. He is now joining Porto for two-years contract.

Most (or all, and that included Barca fans) non-Madridista will point out at the sole conference press held by Casillas in the room with slumbers blatantly fell from his eyes when he delivered his goodbye speech. Continue reading

UEFA Champions League 2014/2015 Semifinals Draw – Barca, Madrid, Munich, Juventus

What the tremendous semifinals we have!! Madrid vs Munich in final 🙂
‪#‎UEFAChampionsLeague‬ ‪#‎madridista‬ ‪#‎bavarian‬

On a sidenote, there are a lot of reunions…. Guardiola/Thiago – Barca, Guardiola-Enrique, Ancelotti-Pellegrini, Morata-Madrid… would be very emotional games, looking forward to see Guardiola return to Camp Nou 🙂