My 2016-2017 European Leagues All-Star Team Formation

The 2016-2017 European Leagues seasons are over. I now want to compile all the best players in their respective positions among all European clubs

As you can see, Cristiano and Lionel Messi are on the list. They are still two of the best footballers that can play to their highest level this season, so it won’t make sense to leave out one or even two of them.

I choose formation 4-3-3 as this formation is perhaps the most popular, the formation that brought Madrid to triumph, Juve to clinch Serie-A title, and formation used by many big teams. With 4-3-3 there is no prominent wingers on my midfield, responsibilities were in the hands of the fullbacks that will inject the power on pitch’s sides. The strikers are also mostly operated from the wings too, so all areas are covered.

Coach : Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Who else? Should I explain this?

Goalkeeper : Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)
No doubt this is the best season he has in his entire football career. Saves after saves games after games, he delivered such astonishing performances that steer Real Madrid into one of their best season. Great in the air, great in one and one, great reflex, what else? Let’s be honest, the Real Madrid defense weren’t really good. It wasn’t really bad, but it was pedestrian compared to Juve’s defense for example. Even Ramos, Marcelo, and Carvajal are more popular for their attacking than their defense (remember Messi outplayed most of them during last El Classico?) So Keylor Navas has become the unsung hero, the wall that hinder Madrid’s opponents to score goals.

Central Defender 1 : Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
Juventus defensive line is arguably the best of the season. Look at their statistic, especially Champions League with only 3 goals at their hands. Difficult to pick one among those living warriors, but Chiellini is on my book, has become a shield, a wall who always wanted to fight getting the ball back from opponents, never let anybody pass him easily. One might say they stumbled the block on Champions League but one must not forget the entire season where their defense were unbreakable.

Central Defender 2 : Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid)
Clocking 31 years of age, this guy still strong as rock in the defensive line of Atletico Madrid. His braveness is the main asset, always pull his strength to cover his opponent, making tackles, winning headers, and robbing the ball, are his daily job and he has been doing that tasks astonishingly over the year. Unfortunately some bad games against their bitter city rival, Real Madrid where their defense looks like jeopardized that shun. Yet it is his stubbornness and spirit that signs the character of Atletico Madrid, it was not an accident that this team constantly in Top 3 in the last few years and hitting semifinals of Champions League (2 into finals) on last 3 consecutive occasions.

Right back : Dani Alves (Juventus)
Very tight with Dani Carvajal but Alvesk really determined to prove something this year, and it’s very apparent with how far Juventus went this season. Looks like he wasn’t 33 years old, the oil in his engine keeps boiling. And of course it is his aggressive style that won him accolades from many of his peers, his stubbornness to not allow opponents pass him by and the run he made while attacking opponent’s field. Sadly a row with Juve fans over his comment about Paolo Dyabla’s future might played a big part in his decision to leave Juve after just one season.

Left back : Marcello (Real Madrid)
The Brazilian engine that never lost its fire until the dying seconds of the game. Always running, fighting for the ball, treasuring all the left side of the pitch either backward or forward. If there is an icon to Madrid team over the years, Marcello came to my mind the 1st. Strange to see Real Madrid getting their power without the unique presence of Marcello on the left-hand side.

Central defensive midfielder : N’golo Kante (Chelsea)
The spirit of Chelsea. Casemiro might be the most popular central midfielder but one should look at how important Kante in the Chelsea dimension, and see the free fall of Leicester after the France midfielder left them. Making us remember to the importance of Claude Makalele, he shield the defensive line of Chelsea and tried his best to burst any attacks coming to Chelsea side on the pitch with his workhorse load, intelligence to make pass, but of course it is his ultimate physical strength that made him what he is, the anchor.

Left-central midfielder : Ousmana Dembele (Borussia Dortmund)

The motor engine of Borussia Dortmund attacking formula this season. Can be utilized in various positions in the middle, he build up the attacking game and served a lot of assists to his teammates, which is no doubt played a big part in the success of Pierre-Erick Aubemayang to become Bundesliga top scorer.

Right-central midfielder : Luca Modric

The Croatian midfielder is very instrumental in taking Real Madrid to achieve the triumph this season. His horse-workload, attacking agression, but it is his intelligence that drives the teammates with precise passings, opening up space with his clever dribblings, and great positionings, making him looks everywhere on the pitch.

Left forward : Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Antonio Conte perfectly arrange a scenario that designate him into a more free role on the wing so he can unleash his maximum efforts on the attacking department and relish him much from defensive role. And it works, one of his best season with Chelsea in EPL which with EPL title, goals and assists, the clever dribblings and the magnificent ball control which I’m sure is on par with Messi. It’s hard to pick between Neymar (who also has a wonderful season on the left side) and Hazard, but my card falls on the later.

Right forward : Lionel Messi

There is one keyword of why Messi and Ronaldo lead the world of football in the last decade, that is consistency. And this season is no exception. Lionel Messi still show his capabilities as the main force of Catalan Team, continuously scoring goals and making assists as well as taking part in game organization, with Neymar destroyed from the wing and Luis Suarez as the goal machine. The impeccable attacking trio of Barca only let down by quality on the midfields and defenders thanks to the inept transfer business done by Barca last season. You can just erase the memory of Lionel Messi’s performance at El Classico in Bernabeu, especially that last second goal that silent the stadium.

Striker : Cristiano Ronaldo
At 32 years old age, words are arisen that he might be as better as when he was younger player. At some points it is apparent, less runs and dribbles and his position are now more into the central role with. But it didn’t stop his impact, in fact his contributions were more vital to the triumph of Real Madrid. He scored the 1st goal on the ‘La Liga’ final against Malaga at early minutes, relieving big stresses over his teammates and Madrid fans all over the world and made the game much easier path to cross. And in Champions League final, despite rarely scored during group stages, but he was more pivotal with so many goals during knockout stages, hattrick in semifinals, goals against Munich, and of course the memorable brace in Cardiff. Thanks to the wise approach by Zidane which it is mutually agreed that CR7 must be rested in more games, the result is he was much more sharper in those finals games compared to previous seasons where towards the end of season, his contribution was curbed by his non-100% fitness and minor injuries after exhausting number of games.

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