Medan and Around : Hamparan Perak

Hamparan Perak is an old little town in the North-West of Medan City, capital of North Sumatra Province. The history goes back to the old Melayu Deli Sultanese and Langkat Sultanese era
(this article will be updated according to these below sources)

To the East, it is side by side with Medan Marelan sub-district, Medan city.
To the South, it shares boundaries with Sunggal sub-district, Deli Serdang District, which road also leads to Medan in Kampung Lalang / Pinang Baris Bus Station.
To the West, there is a road connects to old plantation Tandem that leads to Sumatra National HIghway connecting Binjai/Medan to Stabat – Aceh.

These are the photos of Hamparan Perak, and the road that connects Hamparan Perak to Medan City in Marelan

Hamparan Perak old town 1

Hamparan Perak old town 2

The market

Medan – Hamparan Perak Road


The beautiful mosque

Sub-district Government office

Road connects Hamparan Perak to Binjai – Stabat (Sumatra National Highway)

Medan – Hamparan Perak Road 2

Medan – Hamparan Perak Road 3

Medan – Hamparan Perak Road 4

Hamparan Perak old town 3

Hamparan Perak old town 4

Medan – Hamparan Perak road 5

Medan – Hamparan Perak road 6

Medan – Hamparan Perak road 7 – that is the public bus from Kampung Lalang to Hamparan Perak

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