Steve Morse Solo vs Ritchie Blackmore Solo??

Well I have tried to hear all the materials they have done, and sorry to you group of majority, my favorite is Steve Morse, even I really dig Purple classic Mk2 and Rainbow with Dio (In Rock and Rainbow Rising are both on my Top 10 best rock albums always).

Blackmore is Purple icon and a beast of a songwriter, no contest. He’s also a slightly better showman on stage, (Morse got that kind of charming side though). But I like more materials done by Morse rather than Blackmore, variety and technicality are the keywords (don’t say technical means playing without heart, this is not a factory job ffs).

Dixie Dregs and Steve Morse Band catalogue are unbelievable, the triumph of magical chemistry between those band members involved. 5 Grammies nominations on instrumental albums/performance and 5 times in-a-row best guitarists by Guitar Magazine are testaments to Morse ability. I even say Morse peak as musician comes with Dixie Dregs and his own band, not with Purple.

Man I tell you, one big reason over another reasons I love Morse catalogue because I think Blackmore wasted many of his time become popular MTV Band with those silly pop songs (yes Mr. Joe Lynn Turner, you’re involved), and then sadly he’s been spending the last two decades exploring the jungle of medieval with his blonde princess. I tried to love Blackmore’s Night material but ouch… You just imagine if he continued Rainbow with Dio.

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