My Top 10 : Most Underrated Rock Vocalist

1. Steve Marriot
Who else? Just like Terry Kath in my guitarist list, there’s only one person comes to my mind when talking about underrated rock vocalist. Every time he sings with his raunchy and impressively strong, it likes hearing his heart sings out instead of his mouth.
Best cuts : All or Nothing, 30 Days in a Hole

2. Eric Martin
When mentioning Mr. Big, it is always about Paul Gilbert (guitar) and Billy Sheehan (bass). Both are highly recognized by their peers and fans for their proficiency at their respective instruments.. Yet many people forget that Mr. Big are band that play songs, not instrumental. And there is Eric Martin, with the peculiar and raw rock voice inspired by Marriot, Rod Stewart. As with most of singers on this list, this guy can sing hard rock and slow ballad both as great. Compare aggressive “Addicted to that Rush” and romantic lullaby of “Promise Her The Moon”.

3. Glenn Hughes
Lately he’s been labelled as the Voice of Rock, due to the exposure of his solo career and especially Black Country Communion. It likes suddenly rock fans know he got the best voice among his generations. Bu t for years, he was so underrated, nobody knows him other than his short stint with Deep Purple.
Best Cuts : Soul Mover, One Last Soul

4. Tommy Shaw
Many had in their minds that Styx is Dennis DeYoung with his impeccable and acrobatic vocals and Tommy Shaw as the rock’n roll and flamboyant lead guitarist. But sometimes forget to realize that Tommy is also a great singer, just hear him sing “Fooling Yourself” and “Too Much Time of My Hands”
You just need to see recent Styx concerts, Tommy still got the voice at his age
Best Cuts : Blue Collar Man, Where You Goin’ Now

5. Mark Knopfler
Yes he is mostly known as a wonderful songwriter with Dire Straits endless list of everlasting hits, the band leader, and of course prolific guitarist with amazing work of clean guitar sounds scattered on so many Dire Straits and his solo albums. But why there are so rare mentioning his voice capability? His deep baritone voice make Dire Straits song very accessible to all ears, not only rock music fan. One might not enjoy Sultans of Swing due to p, but the v
Best Cuts : Romeo and Juliet, Walk of Life

6. Pat Monahan
I call him the modern version of Robert Plant. Not only because he’s a huge Led Zeppelin fan, but his astonishing range is what makes Train become a very popular contemporary modern rock band nowadays. Okay, feel free hate their poppy songs all the way like “Hey Soul Sister”, but you can’t deny his incredible range on that song. No other modern rock singers nowadays can match his range and passionate vocal.
Best Cuts : Hey Soul Sister, Drops of Jupiter

7. Rob Thomas
To me he is a soul singer, each words likely come from deep down of his throat, from the lungs. A strong articulation of words is his unique trademark which cope nicely with Matchbox Twenty’s lyrics. But a strong performance of his vocal can be enjoyed with his duet with Santana on “Smooth”, he delivers the words superbly that brings the song into worldwide hit at the late 90’s/early 00’s.
Best Cuts : Unwell, Smooth

8. Kelly Jones
Still from today’s world, there’s this Welsh rock band inspired by many classic rock bands. If you are not familiar or even have no favor with Stereophonics songs, just go to their covers like “Heart of Gold”, “My Girl”, “I’m Only Sleeping”, and “Handbags and Gladrags”. Seriously he can sing his throat out as well as making your hands circled into your girlfriend’s neck both damn good. His lush and deep growling voice is the trademark with a
Best Cuts : Handbags and Gladrags, Dakota

9. C.J. Snare
This guy is just unfortunately ‘happened’ in the wrong era. Firehouse started to crack the music world while the glam metal of the 80’s began to wane thanks to the arise of grunge and alternative music in the early 80’s. C.J. can both rock the dust with energetic rock song and shiver your skin with romantically rock ballad so good, and he can still do that until today as Firehouse is still an active touring band. Just listen to “Love of the Lifetime”, a wedding song for many people and “Reach for the Sky” where his voice really attempts to reach the sky. How good Firehouse could be if they came out at 1980’s instead of 1990. Some Americans should realize how C.J. Snare voice decorate the world of music in Asia continent with strings of Firehouse everlasting hits đŸ™‚
Best Cuts : When I look into your Eyes, Reach for the Sky

10. Layne Staley
When talking about grunge, there are 4 prominent bands : Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. However most of the time, only Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and Chris Cornell people identified as the foremost voices of 90’s generation. The late Layne Staley sometimes got forgotten in the background.

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