Deep Purple Induction into Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame 2016

After so many fuckin years, finally the Rock’n Roll Hall of Fame people come into sanity, back to the real world, by inducting the dragon of hard rock, Deep Purple.

A passionate fan in the name of Lars Ulrich (Metallica) got the honor to induct his youth heroes into the Fame. A long enjoyable speech, he praised each and every inducted member as he recalled his memories with them, many funny remarks about the band he told in the ceremony, including that funny “Never see someone be so physical with keyboards” and his Purple jacket having name tag “Deep Purple”

But one thing I also would like to point out is the speech of five inducted Purple members, which is interesting to listen and understand, because five of them seems gave different tone and theme of speech. These are my analysis:

IAN GILLAN: Doesn’t give a damn. He just focused on remembering the memory of all Purple members to the people (a subtle way to diss Hall’s decision to only induct several members, not all), and sort of despising the importance of Hall to him and the band by mentioning it is more important to the fans and their business colleagues
ROGER GLOVER: Charm and friendly, funny. He is the ambassador of Purple, the representative, the most approachable person if you want to access or interview the band.
IAN PAICE : Warm, keep low-profile as always, and make a great retrospective speech esp since he is the member from the beginning to the end. Some funny words from him “You can work together, create wonderful things. Then you find you can’t deal with each other” 😀
DAVID COVERDALE: His voice tone is admirable. Perhaps having the best speech among all Purple members, very friendly and show a great respect to the people and honest thankful for the induction. He makes a great preacher lol
GLENN HUGHES : Not surprising to hear his speech, he is the most outspoken and emotional (IMO only Jon Lord is more emotional than him) and he could be on the microphone longer if we let him lol. Isn’t able to make a speech or act so, his words are just like in any conversation in any other day, no bullshit, just honest

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