Transportation Access to Kuala Namu International Airport

As the new airport of North Sumatra Province, Kuala Namu International Airport is equipped with many types of public transportation access, for the benefits of passengers

Shuttle Airport Bus serve the airport to Medan city and several cities in North Sumatra Province.
You can find the buses outside of the airport main building. After getting out of the building, you will face Railway Station in front of your. Just turn right, and walk further, around 200 m you will find the buses parking side-by-side in a dedicated place. See the routes that are displayed in the front of each bus, if you are not willing to ask the people

These are the routes:

Bus name Destination City of Destination Cost
Damri Amplas Bus Terminal Medan IDR 15,000
Damri Plaza Medan Fair Medan IDR 15,000
ALS Gagak Hitam (Ringroad) Medan IDR 20,000

ALS Binjai Super Mall Binjai IDR 30,000
Damri Stabat Stabat IDR 50,000
Paradep Sutomo Street Pematang Siantar IDR 55,000
Almasar Kabanjahe Kabanjahe IDR 60,000

Kuala Namu International Airport is the airport in Indonesia which is served by train from/to the main city area (Medan). It takes app. 30 minutes from Medan to the airport by train, and app. 45 minutes in reverse from airport to Medan. Cost is IDR 100.000 for one trip (around US$ 8)

Go outside the main airport building, it is located in the front of the entrance. There is a huge banner “Railway Station” on the upside hanging from the main railway station building (see image below). Walk inside, the officers inside will gladly guide you to the cashier for buying ticket.

2 thoughts on “Transportation Access to Kuala Namu International Airport

    • Tujuanny ke mana Mas? Kota Medan kan luas..belum lagi wilayah Sumut.
      Kalo budget cukup bisa naik KA dengan karcis Rp 100.000

      Kalo budget pas2an, tinggal naik bus Pemandu Moda, ada yg ke Selatan Medan (tujuan Terminal Amplas), ada yg ke Timur Medan (Gagak Hitam), dan ada yang ke Kota Medan (Carregour).

      Oh y di KNIA juga bisa order GoCar atau GrabCar kalo mau..

      Sebutkan saja tujuanny, nanti saya bantu 🙂

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