Tele – Pangururan National Road (Part 1) – Toba, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

This road connects the land of Sumatra (Tele – Humbang Hasundutan District) with Island of Samosir (island in the center of Toba Lake – Samosir District). As the only access road, many North Sumatra and other riders use this road to go to Samosir Island to avoid the long and burden queue of Ferry Ships Parapat – Tomok and Tiga Ras – Simanindo crossing Toba Lake (esp. on weekends).

Most of the road are in very good condition, but some parts still need ‘mends’ and overhaul. These pictures capture the road on the plain side, for the mountainous side I’ll post later in part 2. I tell you, both views from the plain side and mountainous side are magnificent



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