“Om Telolet Om” Phenomenon – (Indonesia origin)

It starts with many Disk Jockeys (DJs) re-tweeting “Om Telolet Om” phrase, and suddenly by Tuesday evening to Wednesday (20th Dec 2016-21 Dec), the Indonesian funny, catchy, silly, meaningless term has gone viral, it is easily found on social media trends either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Problem was, there are vast number of people who are not Indonesian getting curious about the strange term (not sure to use term annoyed as so many people mostly ask what it is rather than stop it)

As my fellow Indonesian had explained, let me explain it again:
It is term which are used by children (and later adults are also following) in Java island, Indonesia by the street to call the bus drivers to press their horns when the buses go pass through them..
Actually most of public buses had their horns sound modified, thus it barkings like ‘telolet’ (3 notes melody) instead of normal horn sound which usually only one note. And children are very appealed of it so they wait by the street, and when the bus come they shout “Om Telolet Om!” to the drivers to press their horn (some are even put the term on a paper so driver could see it) –> see the video below

This funny event (I think unintentionally) then got written on twitter and other socmed status, yeah just like you in the morning update your facebook or tweet something short, just unleash your mood condition. Unbelievably the term scattered and re-mentioned so many times, until it reached the DJ accounts. It was from these DJs chain the term it got spread out to worldwide. Maybe the strange but sounds funny “On telolet om” catch our minds and we just could not afford not to say or mention it again lol 😀

From other international DJs, Michael Ballack, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Marc Marquez, who except Ballack, rather than ask what it is, they re-mention it again on their social med accounts…which of course paved way to more curiosities from their fans, thus become an extraordinary phenomenon (which from one perspective could be regarded as silly, because the term is meaningless –> but the entertaining side is more important as all over the world on Internet might have read it at least once)

Om : a calling for an adult-male, just like Sir or Uncle
Telolet : the three-notes-melody sound of the horn


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