My Top 10 : My Greatest Movie Moments

When watching movies, there are always moments that really appeal to our hearts, ones that remain after we finished watching movie and hard to forget. Most of these moments I watched during my childhood with pure emotion, which is why I really took them fully as a growing kid. I take aside comedy scenes and action scenes as I put them into dedicated lists on my blog

Hope you enjoy my list 🙂

1. The train’s action scene and passengers saving Spiderman body (Spiderman 2)
The high-speed-train action scene is regarded as the trademark of Spiderman 2(you know that memorable Spiderman’s torned shirt when he tried to hold the train, don’t you?). However, what touched me deeply is the succeeded scene. After Spiderman successfully stopped the train at the edge of the broken railway, he passed out and almost falling. But the passengers suddenly catch him, take him into the train, lift and bring him up to the inside with their show of hands. Following are some momentary impressed and sympathetic words from those passengers, especially after Spiderman real face is revealed after his broken mask. That includes their promise not to broke his real face to other people. And when the villain Octavius enter the train to capture Spiderman, with no hesitation all the passengers one by one step forward to deter his way. Of course Octavious gets the hero with his unmatched power, but the responses demonstrated by the passengers are reflecting their true feelings to the hero who has just saved their lives.

2.Harry’s farewell to AJ and Grace through audio and TV monitors(Armageddon)

Aerosmith “I don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” (despite it’s poppy sound) makes perfect sense with the theme of this memorable scene. We of course admire the last scene where Harry (Bruce Wills) intentionally interrupt so that he, not AJ (Ben Affleck), that will stay to detonate the bomb. But then enter the glowing and tearful scene when Harry appears on the TV screen in earth station before his daughter, Grace (which is also audible to the other crew of his plane including AJ hearing). A heart-fully last message to a crying Grace with both face to face on the both sides of the monitors, wishing that he’s the proudest man should Grace and AJ get married (if you’re a fan of the movie, you should already know the difficult circumstances courtesy of AJ-Grace relationship mostly due to Harry’s disapproval).

3. The death of Marie and the bury on the river (The Bourne Supremacy)

Bourne and Marie had a long argument when they ran away with the car, but the sniper shoot Marie to her death. Suddenly the car fell into the river and drowned. A speechless Bourne see that Marie is death, but he knows he must hide from the sniper above the water. So in desperation and untold sadness, Bourne release Marie’s body from the car into the water, and let it floated by the river’s wave. Until the end of the movie, I think Marie’s death had an enormous effects to Bourne’s action, subject to Marie’s arguments to Bourne inside the car. Personally I don’t understand why Marie must be killed, but I can feel the sadness when Marie’s body is released to the river’s surface, it depicts how fragile Bourne is.

4. Mustafa and Simba togetherness (The Lion King)

My heart is in the last seconds when Simba and Mustafa having inspiring conversation together in the center of the grassland. It was the last time before Mustafa was murdered by his dirty brother, Scar. All aspects of this scene are majesty, the simple but groovy graphical presentation of the ‘actors’ and the place, perfect tone of the voices which is like hearing the lions’ real voices (I never saw other cartoon movie with great dubs like this), the touch of love, life, and forgiveness during the conversation, and of course undeniable chemistry of father and son. Soon it was hardened by scene of Simba crying beside Mustafa corpse, but that murder scene just make father and son’s chemistry between Simba and Mustafa becomes more heart-warming.

5. The Death of MI6’s Agent Saunders (James Bond : The Living Daylights)

Many critics say (including the eternal James Bond, Sean Connery) that Timothy Dalton is one of the worst actor ever portray the English Secret Agent. I disagree. What he displayed on this scene is almost close to perfection, it is so damn real. Yes, Dalton portrays 007 so close to what Ian Fleming might create…passionate, emotional, angry man, haunted, but fragile.
From the beginning of the movie, James Bond is depicted for having kind of respect-dislike relationship with his partner, his MI6 ally, Saunders. In the predating intro scene, Saunders is very angry that Bond come so late and disobey the order to kill Kara (which later Bond’s decision proved right). In the middle of the movie, Bond (who with Kara just ran away from Chekoslovakia to Austria) is showed having supposedly to be last meeting with Saunders in an amusing park in Vienna. They met in a cafe and after a conversation, Saunders said good luck and goodbye. Bond, which seemed like finally admit his weakness and respect Saunders for really helping him despite his stubborn ego, warmly thanks Saunders which is replied by Saunder’s gently smile. However, as it typical with other Bond movies where he will lost his friend murdered, a bomb planted by Necros the villain in the cafe’s door kills Saunders when the poor man go out. Shockingly, Bond run ahead of other cafe’s visitors to Saunder’s crashed corpse. And while he don’t show the tears (James Bond is supposed not to ever cry), we the audience can feel how sad and angry Bond is. Visibly upset, he grab the balloon left by Necros and blow it, then run like hell to chase Necros to revenge his partner’s death. To me this is the most emotional scene of Bond as a human in the entire 007 series.

6. Tango’s Dance (Scent of a Woman)

In the restaurant, the adult-blind man Slade (Al Pacino) gently requests a young and beauty Donna (Gabrielle Anwar) to perform Tango dance accompanied by a big band which at the moment is still playing. To my 12-years-old brain, that scene was romantically stunning. Chemistry between an old blind man and a young girl is characteristically told through a Tango dance. Al Pacino’s charm is light and sweet, while the beautiful Gabrielle perfectly portray Donna’s innocence and shyness during the dance scene. No wonder many said this movie is the pinnacle of Pacino’s acting career, and this scene is the cherry on the cake. Suggestion, watch the movie from the beginning and you could get why this Tango Dance sit at the top of this movie.

7. Sam’s Death (Neville’s dog – I am Legend)

A comment in the You Tube thread of this video says “if this scene doesnt bring a tear to ur eye then ur not human…”. You know, I tend to agree with that. The reason? Obvious. In the movie, chemistry between Neville (Will Smith) and his dog Sam is dramatically exposed. They always stay together, go together, lonely in the sleepy city which are controlled by vampires. The tearful story comes near the end. Neville and Sam fight furiously with vampires that attacked them. In the vital moment, Sam saved Neville’s life and sacrifices its body against those human and dog vampires, fighting so hard which bring fatal wounds to the dog. After they won, Neville realizes that his dear dog is dying, and that wounds would transformed Sam into a new vampire dog. In desperation, Neville go to his laboratory, try to save his lovely dog’s, but it turns out to be futile. Realizes that he’s fail, then brokenheartedly he sits down by the board and put the Sam into his lapse and hold his dog dearly. He can’t kill Sam while it’s still a dog. Hold on, am I writing this one too long? Yes, but I can’t afford to tell you through and through. After a minute or so, poor Sam changes into vampire dog and suddenly attempts to attack Neville’s face, in which Neville finally killed that dog before it bites him in the face. It is truly a glowing moment watching Neville and Sam in embrace.

8. I’m Flying – Rose and Jack on the quarter of the ship facing the sea horizon (Titanic)

What Titanic would be without this imaginative, beyond-the-dream scene? It is damn beautiful, well-arranged and well-timed spot on, undeniable chemistry. Jack embracing Rose who stand at the fence of the ship facing the sea horizon.  cannot necessarily disagree if one said this is the best scene of movie’s history. And oh..I cannot guess since 1997 how many bloody numbers of ship’s captain have to warns their passengers for not to replicate that fascinating Jack-Rose picture in the ship as it is very dangerous. Should I explain the details of the scene to you? 😀

9. Brian breaks his camouflage as a cop right in front of Dominic (The Fast and the Furious)

The distinctive point of The Fast and The Furious, the first movie of the franchise, compared to subsequent Fast and Furious movies, is that it conveys many personal, drama, gradual introduction of every characters and how their relationships are developed through the motions (while the latter Fast and Furious movies in my opinion really focused on action-based, the adventure themes). These seconds of scene stand alone for Dominic’s (Vin Diesel) disbelief, shocking, disappointed face at Brian (Paul Walker) who had no choice other than to reveal his police’s identity, because he needs to call emergency police-ambulance-helicopter to badly-wounded Vince after an ill-fated, fail truck-robbing chase. The in-and-out, gradually built respects and trusts between Brian and Dom shown through the movie hit the low point. After Vince is carried by ambulance, without further speaking Dom and Mia frustratingly left Brian alone speechless beside the highway.

10. Erica and Detective Mercer Revealing Conversation during Dinner Meal Scene (The Brave One)

(I can’t get the full scene, but on this trailer, this conversation instant starts at around 1:50 marks…please watch the full movie if you want to really get it)
The strong aspect of this scene is the conversation. It is just simply two dear friends (who ironically are in suspicion with each other) sitting together side-by-side speaking from their hearts. Let me make the story simple. Detective Mercer (Terrence Howard) at that point (timing of this scene is after around 1 hour mark of the movie) suspects his best friend, Erica (Jodie Foster) as the secret murderer who he has been searching. In the other side, Erica just realizes that her dear friend, the detective has known her identity as the secret murder.  Detective Mercer drops some hints which indicate that he is suspecting Erica, including a newly founded information that the murder police have been searching is actually a woman. Erica, perhaps only has the detective as the only man she really trust, nonchalantly accepts all the hints without any intention to dispute what the detective suspects at all.
An excerpt from the conversation (may not exactly the same but the idea is there)
Mercer : “I always say to my self, a great police must be brave and not hesitant to take someone, even if it is your best friend”
Erica : “That’s great. You are a good cop. I know you can”

The conversation ends without any revelation, but that is what makes me adore this part. As it explained, this is kind of thriller-psychological movie. Both Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard brought the inner-psychological confusion about what to put first, friendship or professionalism?

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