My Top 10 : My Greatest Movie Moments

When watching movies, there are always moments that really appeal to our hearts, ones that remain after we finished watching movie and hard to forget. Most of these moments I watched during my childhood with pure emotion, which is why I really took them fully as a growing kid. I take aside comedy scenes and action scenes as I put them into dedicated lists on my blog

Hope you enjoy my list 🙂

1. The train’s action scene and passengers saving Spiderman body (Spiderman 2)
The high-speed-train action scene is regarded as the trademark of Spiderman 2(you know that memorable Spiderman’s torned shirt when he tried to hold the train, don’t you?). However, what touched me deeply is the succeeded scene. After Spiderman successfully stopped the train at the edge of the broken railway, he passed out and almost falling. But the passengers suddenly catch him, take him into the train, lift and bring him up to the inside with their show of hands. Following are some momentary impressed and sympathetic words from those passengers, especially after Spiderman real face is revealed after his broken mask. That includes their promise not to broke his real face to other people. And when the villain Octavius enter the train to capture Spiderman, with no hesitation all the passengers one by one step forward to deter his way. Of course Octavious gets the hero with his unmatched power, but the responses demonstrated by the passengers are reflecting their true feelings to the hero who has just saved their lives.

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