Gracias Iker Casillas

This summer transfer season 2015 might as well be remembered most as the time Iker Casillas left his boyhood club, his beloved place, the club where he built his career from the ground up and ascended until where he is today, Real Madrid. He is now joining Porto for two-years contract.

Most (or all, and that included Barca fans) non-Madridista will point out at the sole conference press held by Casillas in the room with slumbers blatantly fell from his eyes when he delivered his goodbye speech. Continue reading


Sihotang, my green and beautiful home village..

This country-place is named Sihotang village (yes, the same name as my clan behind my name), near Toba Lake in Samosir District, North Sumatra.

My late grandfather and my late father are all buried here, laid to rest in the same tomb as they wished while they were still alive (RIP)

All of my ancestors were from here, as we belong to the same Sihotang clan so it is very historical. Typical country life around here, people worked as farmers, traders, or cattlemen. I miss this place, I miss the country life, and it’s been 3 years since the last time I visited my father’s tomb 😦

Me with my mother

This is Me with my mother back in 2012. It is in Asahan River bridge, in Tanjung Balai, North Sumatra.
We have been apart for almost 3 years due to long distance etc, last time we were together was in January New Year 2013.
Can’t wait for 28t h of July 2015 next week, in where we’ll meet again 🙂