Chile won Copa America 2015, another one bites the dust for Messi

So in the Copa America 2015 final in National Stadium Santiago, Chile finally won the trophy for the first time ever on the 99-years old tournament.

Some things I try to explore and derive from the final match between host Chile and former World Cup 2014 finalist Argentina:

1. Congratulations Chile
Say it is by the helping from the super fanatic supporters that always fill up the stadium, but Chile’s games playing have been consistent since the day-one of the tournament. I won’t say they put a staggering or blistering performances overall, they were at times struggling, but the passion, chemistry, and hard-workings are truly there to be counted from the Chilean players.

2. Another one bites the dust for Lionel Messi
And the list continues….again perhaps the best footballer today in this planet, Argentinian Lionel Messi, hit the blocks when trying to deliver an award to his senior national team. Even if you are not a Barcelona or Argentina fan, it is so sad to see the photo of him passing by the Copa trophy cup with broken-hearted face (well are you Real Madrid fan? 😀 ) I am Madridista, but a player in caliber of him should have an international award and not to be solely remembered as a Catalan city hero forever. Next year is the Copa America continent, will he make it finally?

3. Alexis Sanchez the hero and the penalty shootout
Okay his simple ‘panenka’ penalty that blatantly deceive Argentina goalkeeper Romero, established himself as the judge for Chile football fate. But let’s see his face before he took penalty, it is almost the same with other 3 Chilean executors prior to him. Ready, full of confidence, and do it! That depicts the passion, undeniable spirit among the Chilean team and it seems like a perfect way to redeem the lost to Brazil in World Cup 2014 quarter finals, also through penalty shootout. That was a contrast with the Argentinian executors (only Messi can hit inside the net), with Higuain was obviously had fractured concentration before he shot that he made the ball skyhigh, while Banega shot was too weak that Bravo could dive to save.

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