The Grand Final, Barcelona vs Juventus (UEFA Champions League 2014/2015)

So, the Champions League 2014 / 2015 has finally reached the grand final, in which Barcelona (Spain) and Juventus (Italy) will decide who is the best in the 2 * 45 minutes of football game in Berlin Stadium, Berlin, Germany, 7th of June 2015.

While it is hard to accept the lost of Real Madrid in the semifinal, but as a football lover, I can’t stand to wait for this hottest game of the year. Barcelona are going to come with the “open fire” strikers trio, none other than Messi – Suarez – Neymar, which have scored so many incredible goals along with huge number of assists between them. The Luis Enrique players have just cemented the reputation as the best Spanish club this season after confirming the La Liga 2014/2015 title last week. Meanwhile Juventus who are just partied all night long after winning the Coppa Serie A Italy on the expense of Lazio, not to mention championing Serie A 2014 / 2015 League Title 4 in a row, will come with army of confident and happy players, carrying the hope of entire people of Italians after their league have been a disappointment through the last decade – thanks to Calciopolli incident.

So it is a game every football fan in the world is going to see, nevermind midnight in Asia 🙂

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