Tele – Pangururan Road (Toba Lake, North Sumatra)

This very panoramic provincial road connecting Dolok Sanggul & Tele (Humbang Hasundutan District) to Pangururan (capital of Samosir District) is the only land road access from main Sumatra Island to Samosir Island which is located in the center of Toba Lake. The road strecthes to about 25 km from the upper mountain up to the lowest point right on the coastal side of Toba Lake The road is now appx. 4-5 m wide, which is an improvement to the early 00′ where it was only 2-3 m wide forced opposite vehicles from two ways to drive slowly. In that period the vehicle on the cliff side even had to stop to give chance to vehicle on the canyon side to move first. Now that is an old song, vehicles can pass comfortably. On this ascending side, the almost naked string of mountains siding Toba Lake can be seen (the unseen left side, under these mountains, is Toba Lake) Another clear spot, on the upper far left side is the Toba Lake, far front is the naked hills. See the razor sharp lines, that is the road we are discussing now. Without those high bushes, small trees and grass on the left side, I believe many passengers will be shocked when passing this road, due to extremely exposed view of canyons, valleys, and Toba from the side of the road. Puncak Pass access road can’t hold the candle to this one :horse: From this ascending, we can see the pitch/angle of the hills are close to vertical, means disabling normal plants and trees grow on the hill. Pine trees can be found here and there on those naked hills, which almost the solely plant grow comfortably on this are It is clear the cliff on the right had been cleared to some degree by officials, to give more space for the traffic. The most refreshing side driving this hilly road is ability to view clear of superb Toba Lake in the front. It is a special feeling to drive from the upside to realize that we will reach that faraway lake finally, to touch the water :angel: After the car going down and down the road, the Toba Lake finally stuck up in our eyes very closely

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