My Top 10 : The best fighting scene

I have big fond on action movies in which fighting scenes are affirmative properties which at many times become the most featured and remembered from the movies. So it is normal to have my own list of my favorite fighting scenes.
My criteria are of course it should involve the main actors (not fighting between extras :D), one vs one, intensities, ‘variation’, , and of course close association with the storyline

Unfortunately, not all from my lists belong on You Tube videos so you’d better watch the movies for those who aren’t listed with YT video here.

1. Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee

The only person who can beat Chuck Norris to death lol. It could be turned into “kung-fu vs karate” scene but it was more than that. Only within the last 1 minute or so that we were convinced Bruce will win. Other than that, it looks really even with young Chuck Norris show his karate skills so smoothly made Bruce looked jaded at first. Set in the great Coliseum Rome – which add colossal vibe into it. The fact that no dialogue between the two warriors and cat’s ‘scream’ that started the fight makes it more memorable.

2. Achilles vs Hector (Troy 2004)

This ‘fantasy‘ fighting scene (original Illyad doesn’t think of this) is so good that made me difficult to imagine who could portray Achilles and Hector better than Brad Pitt and Eric Bana. It has everything, Achilles hold full resentment after the death of his lovely cousin, Hector the greatest Troy warrior ready for ‘dead or alive‘ battle, fast-paced and intense fighting with spears, shields, and swords, no bullshit slow motion or flying bodies 😀 , and of course one must die. The build up when Hector conveyed his last greets to his father and family, kissing his young son, made me almost cry. I cannot stand Hector death on this movie and think Achilles as an asshole for a long time 😦

3. Vassili Zaitsev vs Major Koning (Enemy at the Gates 2002)
This is unlike other scenes on this list, which fighting is actually scattered along the movie, not in a single scene. moreover, no physical fight and they never been in close distance as they work as professional military snipers (working for USSR and German respectively_However it is truly exotic to watch two great and respected snipers hunting at each other, exposing many situations where they must be at their best skill and concentration during the fight. One could argue about realistic, but it’s still a fun movie to watch. Unfortunately no compilation scenes, so I give here the best scene where they both at their best to search and aim at each other in their own hiding

4. Chen Zhen vs General Fujita (Jet Li, Fist of Legend 1994)
This is a very long but intense and bloody fight between Chinese ultimate man, Chen Zhen vs General Fujita, Japanese colonialsm commander at the time when Japan attempted to invade Shanghai. This is so bloody, not recommended for children. Jet Li showcase his kungfu skill while General Fujita (portrayed by Korean Actor Billy Chau) demonstrate his merciless, full power fighting skill. You just stop breathing for many moments


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